#FeatheredFriends on a #FeatheredFriday – Owls in my yard

The focus for this week’s Feathered Friday post came about thanks to a special request by the enormously talented and all around awesome person, Emily Page. I mean seriously, this girl can paint like nobody’s business, she’s written an incredible book called Fractured Memories: Because Demented People Need Love, Too, she does some amazeballs tattoos at her awesomely named Ratatat Tats studio, she sings like a Broadway star – she’s essentially an artistic Wonder Woman!

Okay, fangirling aside, she shouted out a couple of days ago, asking if I had any owl photos. I thought it would be a good excuse to be lazy and just put them in a post share a bunch of the shots I’ve taken over the past four years, along with some video. Some of these have been shared before, but some are from the bazillion shots hanging out in my archives. These were all taken between 2015 and 2018, in our Durham NH yard, with my Nikon (except the first three that were taken with my old Olympus) affixed atop my tripod, and in some cases aided by a flashlight held by my hubby.

Before I get to the photos though, I thought I’d share a few tidbits about the spiritual significance of owls, written by one of my favorite witchy authors, from my very well worn copy of the book, Animal-Speak. Any typos in the copy below are entirely my own, but I’m fairly certain I got most of it right. 😜

“No bird has as much myth and mystery surrounding it than the owl. Most perceptions of it are confused. It is not unusual to get contrary opinions of the owl. It has an ancient aura of mystery about it. Part of this is because it is a nocturnal bird, and night time has always seemed mysterious to humans.

The owl is a symbol of the feminine, the moon, and the night. It has been called a cat with wings. It has been worshiped as an idol and hated as the reincarnation of the devil. It has been believed to have great healing powers, both in North America and on other continents. Because of its association with the moon, it has ties to fertility and seduction, for the moon is the arouser of men and owls. The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom.

The owl is a bird of the night, and the night has long been a symbol of the darkness within–the place in which humans hide their secrets. The owl has great vision and hearing. They can adjust in an instant from a telescopic to a microscopic focus…Contrary to popular belief, the owl can see very well during the daylight. It is just more effective and more acute at night.

The owl, as a bird of the night, can teach all the secrets of the night. These secrets involve everything that transpires when the Sun is gone. Owls are the eyes of the night, and they can see what is not in the open. They have secret knowledge only they can share. Their medicine can extract secrets.” ~ Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small (pages 173, 175, and 176).

Okay, now one last thing before I get started with my latest contribution to the Feathered Friday tag that @melinda010100 has kept flying on the Steem blockchain – be sure to check out the post she did for this week, called Feathered Friends! Not only does it have some awesome photos of winter birds at her feeder (I especially adore the Northern Flicker), it also poses the question, which do you prefer – #FeatheredFriends or #FeatheredFriday?

Now on with my #FeatheredFriends on a #FeatheredFriday – Owls in my yard photos!

My very first encounter with one of the Barred Owls that live in the woods, April 2015

A month after my first encounter, I found this Barred Owl feather at the edge of the woods (but yes, I did place this on the stump to take the photo).

A Barred Owl Fledgling at night, back in July 2015 – I used a black & white filter on it, since it had some weird coloring thanks to the poor lighting.


I also got a couple of short video clips…

…so you can hear the creepy cool sound they make when telling mom & dad they’re hungry!

In August 2016, this owl stopped by for a visit…

…and came back again in September 2016 for another visit

After realizing I was taking pictures…

…he flew a bit closer…

…and checked to make sure I was getting his good side!

About 9:30 in the morning on February 25th 2017, this guy was hanging around in a tree next to our driveway.

He kept looking all around…

…down at the ground…

…checking me out…

…looking at the heavens above…

…but didn’t seem particularly concerned about anything.


Although obviously not a fan of BlueJays… 😂

I noticed this owl sitting on a branch over the lower part of the driveway in June of 2017…

…it was just before 7pm, and I’d just come home from shopping…

…I was able to run inside and get my camera, since this guy didn’t seem in a hurry to go anywhere

…I think he was hoping a snack would run by, since he’s near to where my landlady’s bird feeders are.

I left him sitting like this – I would’ve stayed longer, but I had groceries melting in the car…lol!

In July 2018, in about the same spot on the driveway, hubby and I heard (then spotted) this owl baby

The fledgling didn’t seem particularly interested in us, and it stayed in this spot for a good long while!

The next morning, I spotted what I assume is the owl Momma, hiding in another tree near our driveway

I think she’s trying to tell me she needs a nap after the owl babies kept her up all night!

She picked a great hiding spot – in fact, if I hadn’t seen her flying to this tree…

…I’d never have been able to spot her!

Did I mention how sleepy she was?

She couldn’t keep her eyes open – I know the feeling, momma owl!

Just looking at her makes me want to take a nap…

…okay, and now I’m yawning too!

Okay, I’ll leave you alone to sleep…

…looks like you really need it!

This guy or gal showed up on the tree outside of our bedroom window, around 7am on September 5thm 2018.

It wasn’t long before something caught its attention…

…and the next moment, it flew off into the woods.

I hope there’s something here that helps, Emily. And thanks so much for giving me an excuse to put this all together. 😊

Happy Feathered Friday!

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  1. Yesssssss! There are several here that I can use. Thank you so much for sharing the images and giving me permission to use them as reference, and an even bigger thank you for saying nice things about me without me even offering you money to say them!

    1. WHOO HOO! So glad you found some to use, and you’re very welcome!

      (And I’m pretty sure I still owed you money from the last time you said nice things about me, so I figure we’re square… )

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