Moon Monday – New shots of the November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon

Happy Moon Monday! What the hezmana is that, you say? Well since June of this year, I’ve been sharing some of my moon pictures and it’s always on Mondays! Since the weather gods were (kinda) kind to me last week, I have some new photos and a couple of short videos of the November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon!

First, I thought I’d also share this infographic I put together for last week’s Tarot Tuesday post. I’m hoping to start doing these every month again, and maybe expand the amount of info I include, so if anyone has any requests for tidbits to include (or if you think three’s already too much 😂), please feel free to shout out.. I’ve also pinned it on my Wonderful Witchiness board. Oh, and the photo for the Full Mourning Moon graphic is from November 2016.

Now for my current crop of pictures! I managed to get outside about a half dozen times over the course of two nights (the 12th and the 13th) and ended up with around 150 shots. Since I have such a hard time narrowing what ones to include, I decided to share a couple dozen today, and then do what I did with the October Full Moon, and share some shots over the course of the next Monday or three…lol!

Oh, and I feel I should mention that one of the reasons I went in and out so often is because it’s been unseasonable cold lately here in New Hampshire. In fact, I took this screencap after the first time I went outside…

For the Celsius crowd, that translates to -5C that “feels like” -14C. ❄️

Also for the record, the only editing I did to these was reducing the size of each photo by twenty percent. The difference in color and other such things are from changing the exposure as I was shooting, and/or zooming in and out, not from filtering after the fact. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – just wanted to clarify, in case anyone was wondering. And as always, these were taken with my Nikon (which has a wicked amazeballs built in zoom lens) which was affixed to my tripod, in my Durham NH yard. Also this particular set is in the order I took them, starting at about 7:30pm until about 8pm on the 12th.

Now for some of my new shots of the November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon


November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
The first non-blurry shot I took – did I mention it was cold out?

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
As amazing as my camera is, it couldn’t do full justice to the dramatic looking sky!

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
It did manage to get some decently clear shots of La Luna as she played peekaboo with the clouds.

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
Funny that this shot seems peaceful to me, but I know how much the wind was whipping at this moment…

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
…meaning that almost every second…

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
…the sky was changing.


To show a little bit of what I mean (audio removed since all you could hear was the crackle of the wind across the microphone), here’s a short video…

…I changed the angle a little and took a little bit more of the ever moving clouds…

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
I can’t complain too much about the weather though – how could I when I was getting a show like this!

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
A few seconds and a slight zoom out are the only differences between this shot and the last.

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
These next three are the best of about 12 different versions of this shot…

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
…there was just something about the lighting and the stars…

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
…that I just couldn’t get enough of!

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
Caught a bit of a break in the clouds, so I zoomed back in…

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
… and in just the few seconds it took me to zoom in a little more, the clouds started moving in again.

November 12th 2019 Full Mourning Moon
Seconds later, she was back to hiding behind her veil.

Zooming out again helped give her a little more definition.

Another slight zoom adjustment and the clouds came alive with color!

And this still doesn’t do justice to how amazing the sky looked!

Did I mention I couldn’t get enough of the lighting and the stars?

I don’t usually include “mistake” shots like this, but I thought it was interesting to show that while my camera couldn’t find its focus for this one…

. …zooming out a bit more got me a nice crisp shot…

…then I zoomed back in the tiniest bit to get a brighter view.

Two more shots that are just the tiniest bit of change yielded different vibes. This time, I had the moon slightly off center, which gave it a clean, steady look at the branches across La Luna’s face…

…then I centered the shot, which made the branches appear almost like they’re dancing.

Moved my camera and tripod a bit for today’s final shot – I love playing with the placement of the branches when the moon is still rising in the sky.


Happy Moon Monday!

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