Breakfast at Sunny’s times two

As I mentioned in my last post, last week we (hubby & I) got the chance to have breakfast for the second time with our Steemian friends Roger and Sheila (@rwedegis and @swedegis). While Roger did a MUCH better job of writing it up (check out his post HERE), I figured I should do my own, with the pitifully few shots I got. And actually, that’s a sign of how much fun I was having, if I kept forgetting to take pictures!

First up, is the one and only shot from our first breakfast at Sunny’s back in May. Technically Jim took this, but because it was with my camera, I’m claiming it as my own! LOL!

Sheila, me, Roger with Jim in the reflection at Sunny’s May 25 2018

Now, for our most recent breakfast on July 27th –

My usual breakfast at Sunny’s – eggs benedict. Last time we were here, Roger and Sheila also had the classic.
Roger and his breakfast. This time, he went with one of their specials – either bacon or sausage or maybe even Florentine benedict.
Sheila also had one of the specialty eggs benedict.
Jim, just like last time, got steak and eggs. And this is what happens when I tell him to smile for the camera…LOL!
Me, Roger, and Sheila with Jim in the reflection again
Roger and Sheila
The front of Sunny’s – next time, maybe I’ll even remember to get a shot of the actual sign. 😊


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    • The first time we went to this place (like, ten years ago), as soon as I saw it listed on the menu, I knew I was set. It’s the only thing I ever order when we go there now…LOL!

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