A Very Steemian Dinner

As I mentioned in my post last week, our Steemian friends Roger and Sheila (@rwedegis and @swedegis) are currently staying at a nearby campground (in New Hampshire speak, it’s right down the street – LOL), so after a couple of breakfast meetups, we decided a dinner was in order.

So this past Friday (August 10th), I stayed home so I could spend about a thousand hours trying in vain to make the house presentable get things in order, while hubby (@jamesyork) and the eldest (@cailliyork) ran to the store for a ton of stuff we needed for dinner a few things.

Needless to say, Roger and Sheila were very prompt, so we were able to spend a little time hanging out in the yard (cut short by the hot and humid weather), then inside the air conditioned house chatting with our youngest Ciara (the only one present that evening without a Steemit account) before supper and chef arrived home.

I was having far too much fun chatting to remember to take many photos, but luckily Roger got some great captures (his recap of the evening should be up soon). Here are the ones I managed to snap, in pretty much the order I took them, with my trusty Nikon. Hope you enjoy!

A Very Steemian Dinner
This time, unlike our breakfast visits, Jim was in front of the camera, thanks to Cailli taking the shot. Left to right – Jim, me, Sheila, and Roger.
Hubby makes delish steak on the grill, so naturally I suggested we have it…. which also absolved me from cooking duty. 😊
And, as always, Jim grilled some chicken for the eldest, who prefers it to steak.
A little steak, a little chicken, some sauteed mushrooms, potato salad, grilled corn on the cob, and one of the worst plating jobs I’ve ever done. But hey, at least there’s garnish, @jaynie! 😂
My candid shots were all terrible (blurry and dark) but at least I got this one of Cailli chatting with Roger and Sheila. And yes, we’re eating dinner on the couch, since I’m such a wonderful hostess.

To be fair, a large part of the reason we did this is because we currently have an extra fridge taking up space in the kitchen (fingers crossed it goes away this week). But to be honest, we probably would’ve done the same thing even if it wasn’t – Shelia and Roger felt more like family than company!

Roger and Sheila brought a yummy bottle of wine – luckily I was able to find our bottle opener!
And of course, we couldn’t go without toasting our dear South African friend. Only two glasses though, since Roger and I were the only ones partaking.

Speaking of Jaynie, I promised @bluemist I’d find a way to work the giphy gif I created (which, long story short, is all @zord189‘s fault 😉) into a post. Seems rather appropriate to drop it here!


We had to say goodbye at dusk, since a bear visit to Roger & Sheila’s campground made it tricky to take their dogs out after dark.
After they left and I returned to my spot on the couch, I noticed this wine memento on the coffee table – perfect way to sum up the evening!


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