A Wayback Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019

Yesterday morning right after hubby left for work, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and spring looked to be springing, so I grabbed my camera before heading out with our dog for his morning constitutional. However, my tremors were very excited about the weather too, and after a few attempts to catch the budding trees without my tripod (Sandy is a rescue and gets nervous when people carry things, so I don’t bring it out when I have him), I gave up and decided to go out again a bit later.

Then the thunderstorms moved in…😝

So instead, I took a peek into my unpublished archive of photos and realized I had a bunch of shots left on the cutting room floor from an old Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019. So a Wayback Wednesday Walk it is!

Speaking of walking, don’t forget to “walk” on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk revisiting Central park which is also a Wayback post, featuring shots from his archive of a visit to the beautiful Central Park. Also be sure to check out the latest #WednesdayWalk collab from the #MakeMeSmile tag hostess @elizacheng called MakeMeSmile Season 3 WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile which has some wonderful shots of her pair of garden boxes growing outside of her place.

Now, on to my Wayback Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019!


A Wayback Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019
1. There’s just something about the sight of bright green shoots pupping up through the dead leafs that always makes me smile! Maybe because it’s a sure sign of spring!

A Wayback Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019
2. Speaking of sure signs of spring, tree pink blossoms against the blue sky are another. And this tree is blooming in much the same way today, so it’s funny to think I took this over a year ago!

A Wayback Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019
3. The Shagbark HIckory Tree even looked like it was standing a bit taller now that spring has sprung!

A Wayback Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019
4. This mushroom is now long gone, but I was amazed at how huge it got!

A Wayback Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019
5. And if memory serves, it wasn’t too much longer before the deer & other wildlife found this tasty treat, and it slowly disappeared.

A Wayback Wednesday Walk on April 17th 2019
6. This nest got knocked down after a couple of rounds of nestlings, then the Phoebes built it back up again. I’ll see if I can get a current shot of it for next week.

7. Yellow dandelions, white violets, and green grass – oh, my!

8. I have a couple dozen variations of this shot, as I was playing around with the camera exposure while trying to capture the sun peeking out behind the trees.

9. The exposure for this one almost made it look like it was nighttime, but I kinda like it.

10. The lower exposure really makes the sunlit cobwebs on the branches pop!

11. One more shot of the green goodness as I headed back inside…. then I heard a noise…

12. Oh hey, Mr Squirrel! Didn’t see you there – looks like I wasn’t the only one enjoying the spring weather!


Happy walking & see you next week!

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