Wednesday Walk in my yard today April 29th 2020

Today was one of the first truly sunny April days we’ve had here in New Hampshire, and I decided I really needed to go out in the yard and get some new pictures. My body wasn’t feeling up to it, but I knew that even going out for a few minutes would help clear some of the dust out of my brain, and maybe even put a smile on my face. I finally convinced myself to go out long enough to take five pictures (which, since I typically average 100 to 200 shots per meander, would be much less overwhelming to go through), then I promised my body we could go back in.

I ended up being outside for about 15 minutes and got a couple dozen shots, so it wasn’t terribly tough after all to pick the best of them & put them together for my Wednesday Walk for today (April 29th 2020).

Speaking of walking, don’t forget to “walk” on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday Walk I never promised you a rose garden which is another awesome Wayback post, featuring some gorgeous shots from an April walk he took last year in the UN gardens in New York. Also be sure to check out the latest #WednesdayWalk collab from the #MakeMeSmile tag hostess @elizacheng called MakeMeSmile Season 3 WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile in which she shares some wicked cool things (one involving chocolate cake!) she’s learned during lockdown so far.

Also to our host and hostess, a special thank you from me to you both, @tattoodjay & @elizacheng for giving me good motivation to get outside and find a reason to smile. I really appreciated the inadvertent nudge today!

Now, on to my Wednesday Walk in my yard today, April 29th 2020


Wednesday Walk in my yard today April 29th 2020
1. Two seconds after walking out the front door, Mr Phoebe flew over to see what I was up to.

Wednesday Walk in my yard today April 29th 2020
2. No worries, Mr Phoebe – just wanted to make sure I got a few shots of our landlord’s memorial tree (planted four or five years ago, in memory of a family member they lost).

Wednesday Walk in my yard today April 29th 2020
3. It’s blooming early this year, despite all the cold rainy weather.

Wednesday Walk in my yard today April 29th 2020
4. I have no doubt that our landlord (who passed away last month, not unexpectedly but still very sadly) had something to do with it.

Wednesday Walk in my yard today April 29th 2020
5. I’m sure he wanted to make sure the tree was extra beautiful, especially with these new sprouts, for his family to enjoy.

Wednesday Walk in my yard today April 29th 2020
6. A few steps away, the forsythia bush is blooming too.

Wednesday Walk in my yard today April 29th 2020
7. And above- blue sky! Oh, how I’ve missed seeing you!

8. When I did my Wayback Wednesday post last week, I mentioned how the Phoebe nest had been knocked down (most likely by the birds themselves so they could start fresh) and rebuilt. This is the current version under our back porch.

9. One of the positives about the bad weather – the grass is so green! Our landlady’s brother mowed for the first time this year, and you can see how high it had already gotten in some spots!

10. I love how the green yard contrasts with the woods behind it.

11. And did I mention the blue sky? Being outside and looking up at this, even with everything going on, was a great reminder that there’s always sunshine after the storm (and I won’t mention that the sky was cloudy less than an hour later… oh wait… 😂), and there’s a reason to smile, even if you have to push yourself to go find it.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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  1. Up until the last couple of days, April has been very hot and sunny here. Our lawn was starting to turn yellow, but the non-stop rain has saved it.

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