WW – Happy Secular New Year

I ordinarily don’t make the distinction of “secular” when wishing all a Happy New Year, but given that this is a WW (Witchy Wednesday) post, and the Wiccan New Year is Samhain (Halloween), I figured it made sense to say, Happy Secular New Year.

Since hubby and I have been together, one thing we’ve done every year, without fail, is to put a loaf of bread on the kitchen table at some point during the 31st, and leave it there until the 2nd. It’s something that hubby’s Irish grandmother swore by, for bringing prosperity into the home. We’ve had the range of bread, from the most inexpensive store bought variety, to specialty bakery loaves. This year, hubby suggested I make a loaf of my Irish brown soda bread, which seems particularly apt, so once I’m done with my every-other-day batch of peasant bread, it’s next in line for the oven.

We’ve occasionally tried on New Years Eves past to recreate our Samhain ritual of writing things we wish to banish on a small piece of paper, and burning them, but it’s never been as regular as I hoped. If time permits (hubby works today), we’ll give it a go. I’ve also discovered a new possible tradition – leaving a silver coin outside your front door before the clock strikes twelve, and leaving it there until after the 1st. It’s supposed to draw good fortune to the house (and since we live in the sticks, no worries of someone making off with it).

For dinner, we’re going against the traditional Chinese take-out for the second year in a row. Last year, after the previous year’s seven hour wait for food (we ordered it at 3pm – best we can figure, there was a mix-up in the kitchen), we bought some amazing steaks and hubby grilled them. This year, we’re doing brinner (breakfast for dinner) and tomorrow, our first meal of the new year will be… Chinese take-out.

I hope, wherever you are, and whatever traditions you follow, you have a bright and magical evening, and a blessed new year!

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