Weekend Freewrite – The First Sentence (#SteemBloPoMo Day 13)

Because I know how my brain works (or should I say, refuses to work) when I try to do a writing prompt (aka, OVERTHINK for hours, write for minutes), I decided to add an extra challenge to my FreeWrite attempt. I used “The Most Dangerous Writing App” and set the timer for five minutes. And it worked!

I know this is technically supposed to be the first of a three part writing prompt, but after I did this round, my day got crazy busy (which is why I’m posting this just under the wire on the 13th, with a half hour to spare). Maybe I’ll work on the other two parts tomorrow, but for now, here is my result for @mariannewest‘s Weekend Freewrite – 4/11/2019 – Part 1 – The First Sentence

I am walking

I am walking to the station to catch a train that will take me home. All I keep telling myself is look forward, don’t look back, they probably didn’t follow you. Just a little further and you can sit on the train and catch your breath. This will all be over and you never have to think about it again. Almost there now, and no sign of anyone behind you. You’re safe, you’re safe I kept chanting like a spell trying to cast its magic on my brain to make me believe it was true.

I am walking to the station, and I’m almost there, and it will take me home. Home. For a moment, I almost believed I was able to go home again. Almost forgot all of the horror of the past few hours, just focus on your steps, and try to ignore people looking at you like you’re the monster. If they only knew the monster was close behind, but it wasn’t you, you weren’t the one who caused all the pain, the pain you could forget about as long as you faced forward and just focused on getting on the train and getting home.

Focus on that and ignore the sounds of steps running up behind you, the shouting and the screams of people, the sounds of them closing in, because in only a few more feet now, I would be on the train and heading home, I would be safe and I could forget, just a little bit further now and try not to feel the pain in your chest, the pain that’s getting stronger now, that’s threatening to cut off your breathing, because once you get on the train you can breath again. It will all be okay, because they couldn’t follow you on the train, they couldn’t they wouldn’t do that, would they? No, don’t even think about that, all you need to do is focus on one foot in front of the other, and getting to that train. Just one more step, and….



I am home.

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