Wednesday Walk Wrap-up for 2018

Since the wonderfully kind and wicked generous @tattoodjay started the weekly Wednesday Walk challenge about 8 months ago, I’ve participated a grand total of 12 times. I figured since this was the last Wednesday of 2018, it would be fun to wander through my wanders.

Initially, I had the grand idea to take a picture of the same spot in my driveway every time I did a Wednesday walk. However, I only managed to remember do it about half the time. While I’m not sure where we’re going to be living in the new year, I’m hoping I can find a spot and/or object and keep tabs on it through the Wednesdays of 2019.

So for this wrap-up, I decided to list all of my Wednesday Walk posts, and share either that driveway shot, or my favorite of the bunch, along with the original caption. I hope you enjoy my wander down the past two thirds of the year!

Oh, and @tattoodjay said in his latest post called A non Wednesday Walk post that he’s taking a break this week. But even if he doesn’t get a chance to see this, I wanted to shout out quickly and say thanks again for hosting this – it’s been great fun participating!

My Steemit Wednesday Walk posts, in order of appearance

1. For today’s #wednesdaywalk challenge – a meander down my driveway

Standing just off the front porch, looking down the driveway.

2. For today’s #wednesdaywalk challenge – a bloomin’ stroll around my yard

I’m going to try to remember to include this shot each week,
because there’s going to be an explosion of color here very soon!

3. Followup to last month’s #wednesdaywalk – a meander down my driveway
Look at all the green!

4. Another meander down my driveway for today’s #wednesdaywalk challenge
July 4th – not quite as green, thanks to the ridiculous heat (90sF/30sC for the past 6 days)

5. Outtakes from last week’s #wednesdaywalk meander down my driveway
Daylily amongst the Black-eyed Susans (aka, there’s always that one… lol)

6. The morning after the storms for today’s #wednesdaywalk
Rain soaked Rover Bellflowers

7. A walk through the woods for today’s #wednesdaywalk
This Wandering Glider dragonfly (at least I think that’s the right ID) landed on this stick about a foot away, and posed for me.

8. A Wednesday Walk on a Tenebrous Thursday
For those familiar with my past driveway strolls, you’ll recognize this as where it starts (or ends) in front of our house.

9. A Wednesday Walk on a Thereafter Thursday
Once again, for those familiar with my past driveway strolls, you’ll recognize this as where it starts (or ends) in front of our house.

10. A Wednesday Walk from November 7th 2018
I moved the leaf the tiniest bit, which inspired me to take a zillion more shots like it.

11. A Wayback Wednesday Walk from June 14th 2016
Mr Hummingbird coming in for a landing

12. A Warmerdays Wayback Wednesday Walk from June 20th 2017
We timed our visit just right – a storm was moving out, which made the sunset sky even more amazing


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  1. The hummingbird!!! They’re such wonderful creatures. I would be thrilled to finally be able to capture one on film but my phone is lame. I hope that you’re enjoying the holidays. I look forward to more of your awesome pics in 2019. Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa! Yeah, my camera phone would probably be lucky to get anything more than a blur. I hope your holidays have been wicked awesome!

  2. What I like about your photos Traci is that you frequently spot things that are often unseen or passed by, but which on closer examination (or through your lens) are items of great beauty and interest. You always remind me to take my time and look at things around me. Thanks for this update, and I wish you good health and happiness in the coming year. Denzil

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