Wednesday Walk on April 29th 2019 (#SteemBloPoMo Day 31)

Because sunshine has been such a scarce commodity here in New Hampshire as of late, I made a point of going for a short wander in the woods behind our house during the five minutes the sun was out on Monday. So that means today’s Wednesday Walk doesn’t have to be a flashback to warmer days… okay, well I suppose it’s still a flashback to a couple days ago, but at least they’re new photos!

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk challenge in Harlem and Steem Basic Income Give away ) which has some wicked cool architectural shots & some springtime loveliness.

Also, I’m still #steem-ing ahead with the Steem Blog Posting Month, even though the month is officially over, and I know @fionasfavourites is still going strong as well. If you’re interested in what it’s all about, check out my post HERE.

Now, on to my shots!


If you squint a bit, you can see there are actually buds on the tree!

April 29th 2019
Or, of course, I could just zoom in on the buds…LOL!

April 29th 2019
Different tree, a bit further into the woods, with the sun behind it

April 29th 2019
And directly to the left, the sun lit up these baby leaves, and made a cool pattern

April 29th 2019
Did I mention there was actual sun today?

There’s just something about these backlit buds that makes me take a bazillion pictures of them!

April 29th 2019
Another cool pattern

April 29th 2019
Spotlight on a baby leaf

April 29th 2019
Even more green popping up in the woods this week…

April 29th 2019
…and the sun is adding a cool glow.

April 29th 2019
Beautiful Bluets are popping up along the driveway

Dandelion triplets.

I think these are Blackeyed Susan sprouts, but not entirely sure. Love how they look, though.

Just before I went back inside, I noticed a very fain moon still in the sky. In fact, it was so faint, this is the closest I could zoom in before my camera lost its focus.

If you squint again, you can see the tiny bit of it directly in the center of this shot.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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April 29th 2019 April 29th 2019

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