Update on our landlady’s memorial tree for @parul2411’s #ThursdayTreeLove

I haven’t done a Thursday Tree Love post since April 22nd, 2021, partly because the WordPress bloghop host Parul has been offline since early in May, when she and her husband contracted Covid (and partly because I’ve been so busy with so many things!). Thankfully they’re recovering now, and she’s back with a new post today, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a bit of an update on our landlady’s memorial tree that I featured in a Throwback Thursday post back in April.

Before I get on with the pictures, a quick shout out to my blogging friend Parul to say thank you for hosting this awesome blog hop every couple of weeks. You have been missed, and I was wicked happy to see your tweet earlier today, announcing you had a new post up! Still sending lots of healing thoughts to you and yours.

If you want to join in the Tree love blog hop fun, it’s really easy – here’s the description from her latest post today, called #ThursdayTreeLove – 109

Thursday Tree love is a photo feature hosted on this blog on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of a month. The next edition will go live on June 24, 2021. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree on your blog, tell me where did you spot the tree and link it back to this post.

If you don’t see the pingback, please leave a link to your post in my comments section. Please make sure that your post’s link is showing up on this latest edition. I will link your posts on my blog in the next edition and spread some love. Let’s come together to appreciate the beautiful nature around us.

As for these photos, they were taken in my Durham, NH yard with my Nikon which was affixed to my handy dandy tripod. All were resized, then cleaned up a bit with PicMonkey. I’ve included a handful from my post a couple months ago to remind everyone of what it looked like in the past, then a few from this past May (which is usually when it blooms, but it didn’t this year), and rounded it out with seven more that I took late afternoon today.

Now on with the photos!

Our landlady’s memorial tree from 2015 and 2020


Throwback Thursday Tree 2015
1. This is from May 2015, which is the first year the tree was planted on the property.

Throwback Thursday Tree 2015
2. As I said in an update to my post in April, I chatted with my landlady a few days after I’d posted (and sent her the pics), and she said that yes, as @bdmillergallery suggested on Twitter, the tree is a Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree.

Throwback Thursday Tree 2020
3. As I also said in that post, while it was amazing that first year, that first winter was not kind to it, and many of the branches needed to be trimmed. This shot is from April 2020, and while it wasn’t nearly as lush as five years prior…

Throwback Thursday Tree 2020
4. …it still had a decent amount of blossoms.

Our landlady’s memorial tree from May 13th, 2021


Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
5. Fast forward to this year in May and what a stark contrast! When I talked to our landlady in April, she wasn’t sure the tree had survived at all, as it didn’t look like any of the branches were beginning to sprout. However on May 13th (which is around the time it usually blossoms), I noticed it was at least showing signs of life, so I grabbed some shots, as I was already contemplating doing an update post.

Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
6, While there were no signs of buds, it’s definitely still sprouting.

Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
7. Oh, and the reason the tree was cut back so much is that it got infested with some type of pest (yes, the landlady said what it was, and it almost immediately fell out of my brain, so now I have a new question to ask her next time I see her…lol).


Our landlady’s memorial tree today, June 10th, 2021


Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
8. Fast forward a little bit more to today. While this shot isn’t the greatest (I didn’t realize when I framed it that the green of the tree would blend so much with the background greenery) you can tell it has a fair bit of growth, especially in just about a month.

Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
9. This one is a bit better and shows that while it’s not cascading in gorgeous flowers, it’s still far from gone.

our landlady’s memorial tree
9a. While I was out today (June 24th, 2021) taking pictures for a new Thursday Tree Love post, I got another shot of the tree with our landlady’s garage as the backdrop, so you can get a better sense of the growth in the past month or so.

Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
10. Lots of growth still evident.

Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
11. And looks like there’s still more growing to go!

Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
12. Even at the spots where the dead branches were pruned, there’s signs of new ones on the way to replace them.

Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
13. However, I’m not sure if this bit of white fuzziness is a sign of more infestation – I plan to mention it to our landlady soon, to see what she thinks,

Update on our landlady's memorial tree for Thursday Tree Love
14. But for the moment, it’s still putting forth new greenery and stretching towards the sky, which gives me hope on so many levels and was just the soul tonic I needed today!


Happy Thursday Tree Love, everyone!


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  1. I have a memorial hisbicus in my yard dedicated to my late aunt, who loved these flowers. The first one I planted died after two years but its replacement is going strong. Not a tree – we have a small yard. Dwarf weeping cherry is what I would have guessed, too. That poor tree! But trees are tenacious. Hoping for the best, because these are lovely trees.ramblinwitham

  2. The plant has recovered wonderfully. That heavy pruning did help! I am sure it will continue to flourish and blossom heartily in the next season! Its great that you have recorded the tree’s progress!

  3. Thanks for all your wishes and keeping me in thoughts. It means a lot to me. This tree is sure such a symbol of resilience. Thanks for sharing!
    I hope to see you back tomorrow, Traci. Hugs!

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