Trees Along the Driveway for @parul2411’s #ThursdayTreeLove

Yesterday we had our first warm day in what seems like forever. Temps “soared” to almost 50F/10C so even though it was cloudy out, I decided to take advantage of the warmth and take a walk out into the woods behind our house to get some different shots for today’s Tree Love post. However, I didn’t take into account the mushy gushy snow sitting on top of ice, which made it difficult to cross the yard without feeling like I’d be pressing my luck by traipsing down the steep hill. So instead I decided to err on the side of caution and walked down to take pictures of the trees along the driveway.

Back when I was a regular participant of @tattoodjay‘s Wednesday Walks, I took many photos as I meandered down the driveway, so a familiar subject and a grey day (despite the springlike temps) made it a bit challenging to find shots I thought were post worthy. But after taking nearly 70 photos, I managed to find 20 that I thought did justice to all the amazing trees we have on this property (although I still don’t know most of their names – one of these days I’ll get to researching about them… but today is not that day…lol).

And while I didn’t want to jinx anything when I mentioned it in my last Thursday Tree Love post, I think it’s safe to say that my new camera battery is working very well. I walked around for almost 45 minutes taking the aforementioned 70 shots, and the battery lasted without any issue. Which means, as long as the weather cooperates, I might be able to get a gazillion or two captures of the upcoming Full Snow Moon on Saturday – keeping my fingers crossed!

Before I get on with the pictures, thanks, as always, to my WordPress blogging friend Parul for hosting this awesome blog hop every couple of weeks. If you want to join in the Tree love blog hop fun, it’s really easy – here’s the description from her latest post today, called #ThursdayTreeLove – 104

Thursday Tree love is a photo feature hosted on this blog on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of a month. The next edition will go live on March 11, 2021. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree on your blog, tell me where did you spot the tree and link it back to this post.

If you don’t see the pingback, please leave a link to your post in my comments section. Please make sure that your post’s link is showing up on this latest edition. I will link your posts on my blog in the next edition and spread some love. Let’s come together to appreciate the beautiful nature around us.

Last thing – these were taken in my Durham, NH yard earlier yesterday, using my my Nikon affixed to my tripod, then resized and cleaned up a bit with PicMonkey.

Trees Along the Driveway on Wednesday, February 24th 2021


Trees Along the Driveway
1. Before I realized how potentially treacherous walking through the yard might be, I thought I’d start by taking photos in the five spots in my yard that have appeared in past posts. This is the first.

Trees Along the Driveway
2. This second shot was a few minutes later, after I trudged through the mushy snow and realized there were many slippery spots hiding underneath. And this also happens to be the spot where, a few years back, my knee tricked out on me and I had to call my husband to come rescue me, since I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg. The memory of trying to maneuver up this hill (from about where the big tree is on the right) factored heavily in my decision to not give it a go today!

Trees Along the Driveway
3. The third spot, outside our bedroom window, with a couple of my favorite Shagbark trees on either side.

Trees Along the Driveway
4. The fourth with a bit of a different angle, since no car was parked in the space next to the rock pile.

Trees Along the Driveway
5. The fifth of my usual shots, and while you can’t really see it, the sun is hiding behind the clouds behind these trees.

Trees Along the Driveway
6. She almost peeked out for a minute

Trees Along the Driveway
7. The top of the driveway we share with our landlady. And no, we didn’t get as much snow as the pile on the right would suggest – that’s actually a really bad edit I did while attempting to cover up the license plate of our landlady’s car that’s parked in that spot. It started as just a bit of cloning on PicMonkey, but then it looked awkward, and before I knew it, I’d created a fake pile of snow to hide the entire car! 😂

Trees Along the Driveway
8. The view looking up while standing next to where the fake pile of snow was…lol

Trees Along the Driveway
9. Looking to the right of the top of the driveway, towards one of our neighbors. Believe it or not, there’s a house behind all those trees.

Trees Along the Driveway
10. Directly above me.

Trees Along the Driveway
11. About halfway down the driveway, there’s a really cool tree that seems to be a single trunk that turned into four tree trunks.

Trees Along the Driveway
12. Closeup of the four trees from one trunk.

Trees Along the Driveway
13. Okay, technically five as the fourth one on the right has split into another… branch? Trunk?

Trees Along the Driveway
14. Many of the trees have lots of lichen and moss covering the bark.

Trees Along the Driveway
15. It looks wicked cool.

Trees Along the Driveway
16. And in this case, stretches all the way up on this very tall sort of pine (I believe) tree!

Trees Along the Driveway
17. Almost to the bottom of the driveway, looking at the woods that separate the neighbor’s property from our landlady’s.

Trees Along the Driveway
18. I walked a short distance along the main road until I was about halfway between the two properties – you can see a bit of our driveway at the right center of the photo and the neighbor’s house is behind the trees off to the left. Everything straight back is just woods, marsh, and more woods.

Trees Along the Driveway
19. I won’t tell you how many shots I took of the awesome patterns overhead. As I’ve said many times before there’s something about the look of bare branches against the sky I can’t resist (and this is my fourth or fifth so far in just this post…lol). I really like how the pattern of the pine needles came out in this one though.

Trees Along the Driveway
20. And to end my walk, I got a picture of the almost-but-not-quite tree buds starting to show on a few branches. I know we’re some weeks away from actual spring, but seeing signs already, coupled with the warm weather from yesterday (today is sunnier but over 10 degrees colder & wicked windy), makes it seem like it’s already almost here!


Happy Thursday Tree Love, everyone!


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  1. Interesting evergreen patterns in #19. Nice that spring is coming for you. I’ll have to pay attention to buds and to the red glow in upper tree branches – I haven’t seen any of the latter yet, but the sap must be starting to rise. We are close to maple syrup season. But probably no open houses this year, alas!

  2. Love love love the pictures. So perfect and out of a story book. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pictures Traci. I love your backyard <3
    So glad you joined and i can't wait to see you back tomorrow.

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