Throwback Thursday Blue Birds

I’ve been working on an update post on my health, among other things, but my focus isn’t the greatest these days (so I’m just like 99% of the population this time of year…lol!). Yesterday, a dear blogging friend mentioned over on Instagram that her husband was jealous that I have so many blue birds in my little corner of the world.

Needless to say, that lovely little voice called “Procrastination” pipped up in my brain and said, “Hey! Wouldn’t it be more fun to go through old pictures and use them in a new post, instead of trying to write/plan/clean/make phone calls/clean?” Yes, that voice knows me so well it mentioned “clean” twice, just in case I hesitated.

So here are a variety of captures of the blue hued feathered friends who visit our yard. Some I’ve used in other posts or shared on my social media. Some I just finally got around to resizing and are making their public debut. I still have a ton left in my archives, so I may just have to do something like this again!

Katt and Mr. Katt – I hope you enjoy, and may your holiday season be filled with family, cheer, and blessings.

Now, on to the pictures!

Mr and Mrs Bluebird hanging out together in our landlord’s memorial tree

Mr Bluebird on a granite rock in the backyard

Snowy Bluebird balancing on the tip of a Shagbark branch

Mrs Bluebird doesn’t look happy to see the paparazzi…lol!

However Mr posed pretty for me

His name must be James Taylor (because he’s up on the roof… yeah, I’m old)

A little rain won’t deter this guy!

I took this shot, then realized the exposure was still set for taking pictures of the moon the night before. However, I think it looks kinda cool

Drying his feathers, or simply showing off? Both!

I think this is a pair of young Bluebirds, but not completely sure

Definitely showing off this time!

It never ceases to amaze me how they balance so well on the Shagbark branches!

The way to a Blue Jay’s heart? Homemade peasant bread!

He didn’t even mind the rain!

In the summertime, Mr Blue Jay likes loading up on seeds instead

Hanging out on the ground under the feeder

Sitting pretty on a rock

The day after a snowstorm, and Mr Jay is coordinating with the sky

I think he spotted me!

This shot, from a late spring blizzard in March 2017, pretty much summed up how we all felt about snow at that point!

Can you believe this is later that same day?

I think he’s trying to figure out if landing on the cold snowy ground is going to be worth it!

One last pose before he goes, and…

… he’s off!

Thanks for stopping by!

Photo credit: Traci York, taken with my trusty Nikon,
and sometimes utilizing my handy dandy tripod
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  1. How lovely!!! Thank you for the link to my blog, that was extra sweet of you! Mr. Katt shall look at them as soon as I can wake him up- he fell asleep on the couch! CDubs (our son) though they were the “prettiest blue bird and blue cardinal I eber (ever) seen!” You are one talented and amazing lady!! Thank you!

    1. Double yay! Please tell Mr. Katt he’s entirely welcome, and thank you both for giving me the inspiration to do a collection like this. I plan to do more themes like this, since I’ve got a bazillion or so photos just lying around…lol!

      Brightest wishes for the merriest of holidays to you and yours. ❤️

      1. And the same to you! I think I have some birdwatchers in my house so any collections sound wonderful to us! I like looking at photographs in general, so any collection I will be interested in seeing! Enjoy your holidays!!

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