Three years and a day on the Hive Blockchain

Yesterday, after yet another crazy-awesome #HiveChat on Twitter, and whilst chatting with some friends about Tarot Tuesday and the equinox, I got a notification on Discord that I’d received a new comment on my Hive blog, announcing that I’d been on the Hive blockchain for three years…


Sure enough, I checked my profile over on the @hivebuzz site, and found this beauty added to my collection…
3 years on Hive blockchain award from HiveBuzz

I thought it would be fun to do a quick look back on my blockchain blogging experience, so I started searching through all my posts… then next thing I knew it was today! 😂

However, all that scrolling did help me finally bookmark some posts (like the ones I did last year for #Steemblopomo which in November 2020 will be #Hiveblopomo, hosted by the surprisingly named @hiveblopomo account), and it brought me to my very first posts on the blockchain (back when it was going by that other name, before the Sun decided to essentially burn it all down).

Here is my very first post, called *waves hello to the Steemit community* (although judging from the time stamp of the comment by @hivebuzz underneath my post, I think this was actually on September 26th, 2017)…

Hey all!

I’m wicked new to this space, but I’ve been on the interwebz for longer than I can to admit. Until I get the lay of the land, I’ll keep this brief – and what’s briefer than a Twitter bio? Here’s mine –

Wordsmith. Tarot reader. Witch. G33k. Shutterbug. Blogger.

Oh, and my little corner of the ‘net is over at I even have a shiny new widget with my Steemit profile link (for verification purposes, of course).

Since I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as a selenophile (which, according to all the cool kids, means “a person who loves the moon”), I figured sharing a shot of the November 2016 Supermoon (taken in my Seacoast, NH backyard) would be the logical choice for my intro.

Happy steeming!

From my first post on Steem/Hive

And as I’ve long suspected, I was right – my first handful of posts were essentially teasers about my “real” posts on WordPress, complete with a link so you could leave the blockchain to go read my post… 🤦‍♀️

Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries – Simple Rituals and Infographic for October 5th 2017 in #witchcraft • 3 years ago

For a few years now, I’ve been creating graphics like this (using various photographs I’ve taken) for my Witchy Wednesday blog posts. Given my first post here featured this Full Moon shot from the November 2016 Supermoon, I thought sharing today’s infographic was particularly apropos.

From – Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries – Simple Rituals and Infographic for October 5th 2017

Luckily, I broke that habit pretty quick, got into the swing of things, and then the-now-unfortunately-named-but-soon-to-be-rebranded @steempress arrived on the scene, so I could automatically publish posts both on WordPress and Hive.

And while searching through Hive to figure out what I should use for blogiversary tags, I stumbled upon a post by @revisesociology, where he shared his stats from @leofinance‘s awesome site, HiveStats, so I thought I’d steal his idea do the same!

All time earnings on the Hive Blockchain

From LeoFinance - all time earning stats on Hive

At the moment, since Hive is currently worth about $0.16 USD each, that means that my overall earnings from writing posts for the past three years on the Hive blockchain is $811.48, and from curating posts (since when I upvote other people’s posts, I actually get back some of that via curation rewards) is $155. Definitely not enough to retire on any time soon, but honestly at this point I’m looking at this as a long term investment – not only money-wise, but social media wise.

For me, the biggest draw right now is the ability to own my social media (no one can delete anything I put on the Hive blockchain), see everything that the content creators I follow post (rather than what some ubiquitous algorithm decides), and interact with one of the most passionate and dedicated communities I’ve ever known.

I can’t wait to see what the next three years and a day on the Hive blockchain will bring!


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