#ThoughtfulThursday Thanksgiving Gratitude

I originally planned to sit down for a little bit today, and put together a sort of sequel to my post last year, called #ThoughtfulThursday Thanksgiving Thoughts, where I reflect on holiday celebrations past, and talk a bit about what I’m grateful for (hence the Thanksgiving Gratitude title).

Then I browsed through my social media.

I really try to stay away from political stuff here on my blog, not because I’m not interested or aware of things going on, but because I think there are enough people writing, discussing, and sharing opinions so anything I added would just be extra noise.

Suffice to say though, after a short time of reading FB post shares and scrolling through my Twitter feed, I’m in a decidedly different frame of mind, and I’m having a hard time shaking it. It’s apparently a terrible thing to even say, “Happy Thanksgiving” and the idea of celebrating, rather than mourning, is something only awful people do.

I can’t even. Especially this year.

So apologies in advance if I’m offending anyone with this post, and I’m going to do my best to push through and remind myself of all the reasons I’m grateful today.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

I’m thankful…

… that my mother is still just a phone call away, even if the 70 miles between us seems like an ocean right now.

… that my husband’s blue collar job is able to support all of us, even with our three adult children at home.

… that our three children are good friends, and our girls (despite the five year age difference) are best friends.

… that the eclectic house we rent (which is technically a one bedroom) is challenging, yet workable for us.

… that my Essential Tremor ebbs & flows so that for every bad episode, there are also times I almost feel normal.

… that I have friends from around the world, who are just a few clicks on the keyboard away whenever I need them.

… that when my husband is driving me somewhere, he still reaches across the front seat to hold my hand.

… that even though the five of us have different opinions & beliefs, we all still love each other.

Sending blessings and love to everyone.


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