The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches

Okay, I think the title might accidentally deceptive – while this post has pictures of a Lady Slipper and some Goldfinches, the two aren’t actually together…lol! In fact, this was simply going to be a post about the feeders I picked up for my mother this afternoon, along with some unpublished-before-now pictures of some Goldfinches enjoying the same kind of feeder back on May 15th 2016.

However, as we were going up the driveway after our shopping trip, I asked my husband to go slow so I could try spot any Lady Slippers around. Little bit of backstory – we used to have a ton along the side of the driveway, but last year there were hardly any (I talked to our landlady a couple weeks back, and we both have our suspicions, but nothing solid to go on). I looked last week & couldn’t find any and thought they might not show up again this year, but lo and behold – I spotted one lone one in the middle of a clearing! So after we parked and brought stuff in, hubby and our dog Sandy walked me back down so I could get a bunch of shots, and figured I’d include some of them here too.

But first, a little bit about the bird feeders – I found these back about 5 or 6 years ago, and not only loved how easy they are (prefilled for the win!), the company itself is pretty awesome. Here’s a bit of their About section on the official website

Mitchell Marketing Group, dba The Mr. Canary® Company, incorporated in January 1995. Sisters, Jan Long and Christina Mowery started the company selling The Original Mr. Canary® Finch Feeder that was developed by their Dad, Ray Mitchell. In 2012, Chris retired and now Jan maintains the 100%, Woman-Owned business. Chris, always the big sister, remains just a speed-dial away for emergency help, general moral support, or just one of those laughs that are so big it makes your face look weird.

From 1995 until early 2016, a subcontracted workforce at Carey Services, a community service agency in the Mitchell sisters’ hometown of Marion, Indiana, handled all production. Under the watchful eyes of Richard and Pam, Carey provided all sourcing, assembly, packaging, and shipping of Mr. Canary products as part of its many support options for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

The Mr. Canary® Company operates with a clear aim; to run a business that makes quality products and a little difference in the community.

How cool is that? And that’s just a little bit from the page – be sure to go check it out for yourself. Oh, and mom – I know I said I’d order you a couple of feeders & have them shipped to you, but I saw them at Walmart today & grabbed ’em since there weren’t too many available. So I’ll either still order them for you for when you get back home, or I’ll hand deliver these to you…

And on a more serious note, I feel I should mention that the reason my mother isn’t home right now is because she’s having a bit of a health issue at the moment. I’m trying to balance respecting her privacy with letting people know she could really use some thoughts and prayers right now, so if everyone could take a moment over the next day or so to send a little bit of positive energy, a prayer or two, or whatever kind of good juju you can spare, I’d really appreciate it.

Now, with that being said, it’s time for the photos! As always, these pictures were all taken with my my Nikon affixed to my tripod), in my Durham New Hampshire yard, then resized & cleaned up a bit via PicMonkey.

First up, a few shots of the Lady Slipper from earlier today…

Lady Slipper, May 17th, 2021


The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
1. Two years ago, there were at least two dozen Lady Slippers in this spot alone. Last year, not a single one appeared. However today, right in the center of this clearing…

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
2. … there is one lone Lady Slipper! (Fancy Focus Filter for dramatic effect…lol)

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
3. It’s picture perfect to boot!

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
4. Side angle.

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
5. Semi closeup. I tried for a couple of macro shots too, but sadly those were too blurry to include. I might try taking more shots over the next day or two – if I get any more captures, I’ll be sure to share!


Next up, the Goldfinches from almost exactly five years ago…

Goldfinches from May 15th, 2016


The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
6. While you can’t see the full feeder in this shot, it’s hanging off a Shepard’s Hook in our side yard.

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
7. And no, that’s not actually the perch that comes with the feeder…lol! I found that using a small tree branch instead gives the finches more room to hang out. And if you look closely at the finch on the right, you can see a seed flying out of his beak!

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
8. Doesn’t take them long to figure out how to get the seed either!

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
9. I can’t even imagine having to hang upside down to get my dinner! But they seem to love it, and that’s what counts.

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
10. After dinner drink from the pollen covered watering dish.

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
11. Pretty sure I’ve posted this shot before, and it’s actually from May 18th 2016, but I wanted to include at least one decent close up shot and I didn’t get any on the 15th.

The Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches
12. And yes, this isn’t a Goldfinch, but it’s a shot I took of a male Cardinal on the 15th & initially I didn’t think it came out all that great. Now five years later, and after a bit of cropping & cleaning up, I’m fairly happy with it. And since my mother also loves Cardinals, I thought I’d add this in too.


So mom, a “rare” Lady Slipper sighting, some shots of your all time favorite bird, and an extra shot of another of your favorite birds – I’d say those are three good luck signs indeed!

Hope you all enjoyed the photos of the Lady Slipper and the Goldfinches and happy Monday!


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