Tarot Card Reading – Week of June 26th, 2018

I’ve been hootin’ and hollerin’ about this for weeks now, but I’m so excited, I can’t help myself! There’s a (relatively) new Steemit community called @steemittarot. Want to know more? Here’s the link to the introductory post –

Introducing the Steemit Tarot community!

You can also check out the feed over at @steemittarot or the hash tag #tarottuesday for some awesome Tarot posts from amazing Steemians. Oh, and I’ve also started doing a weekly wrap-up post each Wednesday, so you can find all the Tarot Tuesday offerings in one place.

Speaking of offerings, here’s mine for the upcoming week, beginning today (June 26th, 2018) …

It’s Tarot Tuesday again!

First, for those who’ve asked, here’s a brief rundown on how I put this reading together each week –

I use my very old & extremely well-loved Universal Waite Smith Tarot Deck to draw the cards. Then, because the cards are definitely not ready for their closeup, I photograph the cards using my stand-in Radiant Deck. Oh, and yes – it’s a new picture of the back of the cards every week.


Now for the reading. It works like this – pick the card (or cards) that you’re drawn to, then scroll to the bottom of this post for the card reveal and my short interpretation of what to expect in the upcoming week. If more than one strikes your fancy, go for it! In fact, I’ve been told there are some who pick all three cards each week, and use this as a mini past/present/future reading! 😊

June 26th 2018 Tarot

Okay, got your card (or cards)? Then it’s time to scroll to the bottom of the post for the big reveal!

For a few months, this used to be the part where I’d have a wickedly cool song from one of the awesomely talented musicians on Steemit, that I’d use for my “scrolling music” (aka, a way to make sure you don’t glimpse the card faces before you’ve made your choice). However, I’ve still been a bit scarce on Steemit this past week (and yes, there will be a post about the reason soon), so instead I’m taking a page from @amariespeaks‘s book. She uses her incredibly cool original word art from her Instagram for people to scroll past, so I decided to once again use one of the bazillion quotos I created over the past few years, using my photography and quotes other people provided.

Witch Quote Challenge Week 2 Dion Fortune Quote

Now it’s finally time for the big card reveal. Your message for this week is…

Drum roll, please and thank you



June 26th 2018 Tarot

1. Five of Swords

Be gracious in defeat. Winning isn’t everything. When trying to win at all costs, the price could be your relationships. Sometimes it’s better to swallow your pride and say, “You win” or “You’re right” or “I’m sorry” even if the words get stuck in your throat. Try to lose with dignity, or win with compassion. And sometimes the best choice is to walk away from the fight – remember to choose your battles carefully. In the wise words of Albus Dumbledore – “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

2. Ten of Pentacles

Success is at hand. Good things are coming for you – you might find more money coming in (like a raise at work), an improved living situation (even as simple as a new piece of furniture), or an overall positive atmosphere in your home. This card also means that not all wealth is material – having a family (not necessary related by blood) and friends can enrich your life as well, if not better, than money itself. You’ve either found your tribe, or you’re about to, and it will be like coming home.

3. Ace of Wands

Opportunity awaits! Something has sparked for you, and now is the time to fan that tiny spark into a roaring fire. Keep in mind, if all you do is light a match, you’ll never create that bonfire. You also need to do the work to get those flames burning, instead of just imagining how warm it will be. The time for planning, prepping, and pondering is done – now it’s time to take that first, definitive step forward. You might even be heading in a new direction altogether from what you planned. Either way, it’s time to make your dreams a reality!


I hope your message resonated for you. Be sure to shout out in the comment section, and let me know what you thought. And, as is the case with all my posts, if you enjoyed it, please feel free to share. Bright blessings!


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