MM – Day of the Moon

Since the name Monday came from the word Monenday, which translates to Day of the Moon, I figured it was a good excuse to share a bunch of moon snaps here, instead of on my most recent Foto Friday. Come to think of it, I've used that excuse once or twice before. *grin* These were... Continue Reading →

WW – Super Full Gemini Moon

On Tuesday, December 13th 2016, the Super Full Gemini Moon arrives in my time zone. However, your mileage may vary - be sure to check for your local time HERE. It is also known as The Full Long Nights Moon, and is the final Supermoon and Full Moon for 2016. Once again, I turned to... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart Foto Friday 37

Just like last week, I'm still making progress! While I'm still not able to take as many daily pictures, I have more than enough for an all new Foto Friday 37. In fact, thanks to the Supermoon, I have double my usual seven shots. Also like last week, I'm trying something else a little different... Continue Reading →

MM – Happy Supermoon Monday

As I mentioned in my most recent Witchy Wednesday, today is the Super Full Moon (aka, the vaguely heroic sounding Supermoon). I managed to hobble outside last night to get some pictures, about 15 hours before it was officially full. I plan to make another trek tonight for some additional shots, which will probably be... Continue Reading →

WW – Super Full Taurus Moon

On Monday November 14th, the Super Full Taurus Moon arrives. It is also known as the depressingly titled, but very seasonally appropriate, Full Mourning Moon. Last year, I found a cool explanation of this particular moon name at an unexpectedly place - Refinery29 (yeah, the fashion and style website - I was wicked surprised too!).... Continue Reading →

WW – Super Full Aries Moon

On Sunday October 16th, the Super Full Aries Moon (also known as the Hunter's Moon) arrives. Oh, and did you know that the October Full Moon is the only moon of the year to stay in the sky all night (rising at sunset & setting at sunrise)? To suss out what this all means, I... Continue Reading →

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