#SublimeSunday – Dreamy Dragonflies

For my last Sublime Sunday, I mentioned I’d gotten a ridiculous amount of dragonflies photos during my meander around our yard with my Nikon on August 31st, 2019. I’d already planned using some of them for today’s post, but then I stumbled across a cool photo editor, called Deep Dream Generator, and I decided to try some dreamy dragonflies too!

I’ve seen DDG mentioned a few times recently, but when I saw it on @allyinspirit‘s post I am the Universe. Song. Video. Art. Design., I decided to finally go check it out. It’s a wicked cool generator, with lots of different and interesting choices. It does take a good five to ten minutes though, for each image to generate, and in my enthusiasm I discovered there is also an hourly limit…

Oopsies. 😂

However, it was wicked fun to work with, and I highly recommend it – especially for a funky fun Sublime Sunday post! My profile there is, big surprise, Traci York – if you’re on that site, be sure to shout out and say hi!

Speaking of Sublime Sunday, be sure to check out tag host @c0ff33a‘s most recent #SublimeSunday post for more info on this wicked cool initiative – 🙌🏽Sublime Sunday🙌🏽 An excuse to post your random, creative or crazy ideas by @c0ff33a ☕️. He has some excellent photos from a fishing trip with his boy and his boy’s friends (I especially like the small round metal ones they caught…😜 ).

Now here are my #SublimeSunday Dreamy Dragonflies


1. It’s kind of hard to tell from this shot, but there are at least three dragonflies hanging out on these old Black-eyed Susans. And a moment before, there were at least six – guess some of them got camera shy!

Dreamy Dragonflies
2. Same shot with the “Stories” Dream Generator setting.

3. Close up shot of one of the three.

Dreamy Dragonflies
4. This time I used the “Simpsons” Dream Generator setting.

5. Second one of the three, and the one furthest away from me.

Dreamy Dragonflies
6. This Dream Generator setting is called, “Oil painting.”

7. This guy was the closest to me.

Dreamy Dragonflies
8. And this filter is called, “Winter’s Tale.”

9. Fairly certain this is the same guy, but I moved around to catch him from the front.

Dreamy Dragonflies
10. While the generator was set to, “Spring Flower” the result has a definite fall vibe!

11. A short time after the previous shots, one of the dragonflies landed on hubby’s work van antenna.

Dreamy Dragonflies
12. I really like how the “P. Renoir” setting worked with this one!

13. This guy was so comfortable chilling on the antennae that I managed to get a fairly close up shot from underneath.

Dreamy Dragonflies
14. And since tomorrow is the official start of fall, I thought using the “Autumn” setting for this last generated dreamy dragonfly was seasonally appropriate!


Happy #SublimeSunday! Hope you enjoyed my Dreamy Dragonflies!

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  1. ooh! dragonflies I think are fairy aeroflot…and the dreamy app makes them even more fey. I loved the Stories, Winter’s Tale and Renoir app treatment. But honestly, your close up zoom ins are superb in their own right!

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