#SublimeSunday – Deep Dream Treatment

I’m going with a mostly silent #SublimeSunday today (especially since it’s so late in the day to post, and for the second or third time this month I’ve missed the UTC time for the monthly HiveBuzz badge, but I’m still on track for #HiveBloPoMo & #NaBloPoMo in general… but I digress, and this is getting less and less silent…lol) – I thought it would be fun to take photos from each of the photography posts I did this week (four in total) and give one from each the Deep Dream Treatment via the Deep Dream Generator. You can see all my dreams on my profile page.

Before I get started, I also wanted to mention – be sure to check out the #SublimeSunday tag host @c0ff33a‘s latest post 🙌🏽Sublime Sunday🙌🏽 An excuse to post your random, creative or crazy ideas by – @c0ff33a ☕️ for more information about how to participate, as well as some sublime photos of a totally terrific tiger telephone box, a gloomy day grinning goat, and a funky fantastic butterfly. 😊

Here are Four Photos from the week with the Deep Dream Treatment

Moon Monday - third set of the Halloween Blue Hunter's Full Moon
1. Halloween Blue Hunter’s Moon

#SublimeSunday - Deep Dream Treatment
1. DDG

Annoyance of Grackles visit on a stormy October day
2. The only decently closeup of a Grackle I got from their visit on October 28th

#SublimeSunday - Deep Dream Treatment
2. DDG

Five Freddie Fotos For Feline Friday Fun
3. Freddie sitting pretty

#SublimeSunday - Deep Dream Treatment
3. DDG

SlideBackSaturday - Six Snowy Sunrise Snaps
4. Snowy sunrise

#SublimeSunday - Deep Dream Treatment
4. DDG



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