#SteemBloPoMo Day One – More thoughts & writing prompts

Rabbit, Rabbit!

So, three guesses what happens when you have an idea, then do a quick post about it? Yeppers, as soon as you hit “publish” you think of 19 million other things you wanted to say… 😂

But before I begin, a quick shoutout to my Power House Creatives family on Steem. Not only did they feature my post today as the Daily Rally Upvote post (meaning everyone in the PHC community shows it some upvote love), there are already three new posts (HERE and HERE and HERE) featuring the #SteemBloPoMo hash tag!


More Thoughts

I remembered that back when I did the NaBloPoMo thing on the now defunct BlogHer website, that they had a cool little graphic each month with blog post ideas. I started searching the interwebz, and discovered that not only were all the graphics gone (except for one from May 2015, thanks to a blogger who shared it on her personal blog), but all of my posts for the site, including the ones they paid me for, have vanished.

Reason One Million Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine why the Steem blockchain RULZ! – Once something is published on Steem, it is there to stay – even if you edit and/or delete it, there’s still a viewable original post out there in the blockchainverse, and the only one who can change your content is you.

This is something that’s been on my mind a great deal as of late, especially since a dear friend had her ENTIRE Facebook presence wiped out, including all of her posts and private messages across the board, for a copyright complaint that she can’t get the details for FROM 2012! When the page was removed, there almost 750 thousand (yes, three quarters of a million) people following it. I can’t even…


Writing Prompts

Firstly, since I spent so much time looking for this, and it might spark some ideas for blogging topics, here’s the aforementioned graphic from the old BlogHer site –

shared via the Lifestyle of a Professional blog

Next, I know yesterday in the intro post, I mentioned @share2steem and @actifit posts as a good source for daily blogs. Here are some other suggestions, and while they’re mostly Steem specific as far as earning crypto goes, they can still spark ideas for content for non-Steem blogs –

~ @freewritehouse not only posts a writing prompt EVERY SINGLE DAY, there’s a whole weekend thing to boot. Just check out the short prompt (for example, today’s is “rainbow“), set your timer for 5 minutes, and write! Oh, and @mariannewest had a wicked cool idea involving a FreeWrite Giphy contest, and asked me to help – stay tuned!

~ @ulogs, the brainchild of Steemian @surpassinggoogle, is a great way to do a quick post when you’re stuck for something to write about. Part of the description goes like this – “Just upload a photo from your day and write a paragraph (or more) about You. Let’s see and hear what is alive for you right now. It could even be something you think is completely mundane, but remember, what is ordinary to you could be extraordinary to another Steeemian.” For more info, check out this post.

~ There are a bajillion hash tags, challenges, and contests going on every day, like:

Monochrome Monday hosted by @old-guy-photos.

Tree Tuesday also hosted by @old-guy-photos
Tarot Tuesday hosted by me via @steemittarot

@tattoodjay‘s weekly Wednesday walk challenge.

#ThrowbackThursday is the only hash tag I’m aware of, and I don’t believe it’s being hosted by anyone currently.

@dswigle‘s weekly Market Friday initiative.

Saturday is Caturday, hosted by @curatorcat

Sublime Sunday, a tag created by @c0ff33a

Every day of the week
@kalemandra‘s daily color challenge.

~ For bloggers everywhere (not just on the blockchain), I love this awesome list of blog topic ideas, called 110+ Blog Post Ideas, compiled by Suzie Speaks (creator of the SundayBlogShare hash tag on Twitter). Here’s a snippet of it –


92. An open letter to someone/something.
93. A letter to your younger / older self.
94. Host a blog party or link-up.
95. A day in the life of…
96. The Beginners Guide to…
97. A wishlist of…
98. Things I wish I had know before…
99. Share the story of how you and your partner/best friend met.
100. Write a short story, poem or haiku.
101. Give your thoughts on a particular news story.
102. Share your workout routine, weight loss journey.
103. Share a photo journal of your day / a place / an event.
104. Research your family history.
105. How to create / use a Bullet Journal.
106. Your day as a working parent.
107. How to plan for college.
108. Effective tools for revision or research.
109. Advice / ideas on wedding planning.
110. Dating tips / relationship advice.

Okay, I think that’s enough for now, although I’m toying with the idea of coming up with my own infographic for a month’s worth of blog posts. Be sure to shout out in the comments if you’d be interested in something like that, or if you know of any daily hash tags or challenges that I missed. Happy blogging!

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