SteemBloPomMo Week Three – checking in and curation (#SteemBloPomMo Day 22)

Today is #SteemBloPomMo Day 22 and we’re heading into the final stretch of the month! Just a little over a week left to go, and most of us are still hanging in there. Keep up the good work, everyone!

We had a new participant this week – @joeylim jumped in at the mid month mark, which is wicked awesomesauce! The total of people who’ve posted so far during Steem Blog Posting Month is up to 7, and just like last week, we had 32 new posts this week with the #SteemBloPomMo hash tag, for a monthlong total so far of 103 posts!

And while the whole idea (much like the NaNoWriMo concept that inspired it) was to motivate people to post more consistently, I decided at the beginning of the month that a little extra encouragement couldn’t hurt. Since then, I’ve been upvoting and resteeming every post, and each one I curate for this weekly post gets a @TipU tip.

Now here are the most recent posts, in no particular order, in the #SteemBloPomMo feed from @fionasfavourites, @darrenfj, @sustainablelivin (aka @mariannewest), @rwedegis, @joeylim, and myself.



Morning Mindfulness | Original Haiku

by @joeylim

For today’s #steemblopomo, I wrote this haiku in response to the prompt, “aether”.

It’s that calm, mindful state that I wish I could always abide in (but lots of time, as a flawed creature, do not) –
which comes in the morning,
and my main prayer is that it will last til evening.



Mostly Silent Sunday – Flowers (#SteemBloPoMo Day 21)

by @traciyork

Spring so far here in Southern New Hampshire has been alternately rainy/windy/cold with occasional moments of heat and humidity. While I was out doing errands with hubby yesterday, I noticed flowers popping up in other people’s yards, but other than a scattering of dandelions and violets on the lawn, nothing of note has sprouted at our place.

So for today’s #SteemBloPoMo Day 21, I thought I’d share 21 photos of flowers I’ve taken over the years. The oldest is from March 2016, and the most recent is August 2018.

And for those who celebrate it today, Happy Easter!



Garden Corner 4 – 4/20/2019

by @sustainablelivin

It is Sunday and again, I am late for the Garden Corner post. But as always, my motto, better late than never . 🤪

Still, some day, we will have this every Friday instead of somewhen around Friday.

What is the Garden Corner you ask?

I am inviting you to post something about your garden and share it with me. The Garden Corner is both on Steem and on Instagram. On Steem, I will give out 2 SBI (Steem Basic Income) to at least one participant.

I also am going tor esteem your post and share it on Twitter.

On Instagram, if you tell me in the comments that you made a Garden Corner post, I will make sure to visit it.



My Actifit Report Card: April 21 2019 – and BloMo Post

by @darrenfj

Vacation time off = only dogwalks.

Lots of good food. And visits to the park.

Might update when I get home.

Heading back to the hovel.

I’m gonna hafta let this sub in for my bloMO post..

Weekends away from the city and in an actual house with cable and dogs and etc etc makes one not want to post..



Cold cats…not..

by @fionasfavourites

This week we knew winter was on the way. So the fur children commandeered my current stop-start crochet project and the throws that stay on the couch. And yes, Gandalf does have a head buried among his million feet.

Princess Pearli celebrates the chang in season in her own way. I can only say, that The Cat’s Mother’s stomach churned when she came upon this sight. She remains grateful that Princess Pearli cleans up after herself.



ULOG #29 – Saturday Night Out

by @rwedegis

The Big Dig

Back when we first got Ozzie and we still had a house with a yard, our dogs were free to come and go as they pleased. Here is a big dig project that Ozzie took on one day. Ozzie is the Chocolate Lab in the middle. Our two Black Labs Sammy and Sophie supervise.



That’s it for now!
Special thanks to the wicked awesome & supportive @jaynie from the equally awesome & supportive #PowerHouseCreatives (formally known as @steemitbloggers) for allowing me to essentially copy her @share2steem curation post template format – in fact, you should go check out her latest one HERE.
As always, you ROCK!

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