Pictures of the Full Hunter’s Moon October 24th 2018

For the past few years, I’ve taken an insane amount of photographs. Like, an average of 100 each day, just meandering around our yard chasing down dragonflies and stalking birds in the trees. During the full moon (as long as the weather cooperates, and sometimes even despite cloudy skies) I typically snag a couple hundred per night over the course of a number of hours, for the nights before, during, and after.

Last night, I went outside and took 42 (a happy happenstance) over the course of ten minutes.

I’ve only taken just over five hundred pictures this month, on seven different days.

The reason I’m mentioning this isn’t to garner sympathy (although if anyone wants to express it, specifically in chocolate/coffee/vodka form, I won’t refuse…😊) but I wanted to acknowledge that while I’m trying to find my balance with my diagnosis (pun intended, since ET is a movement disorder), I’m still plugging away.

Silver lining – it takes MUCH less time trying to pick my favorite shots. 😂

So without further pity-partying, here are twenty of my favorites from those forty-two. In many cases, I took similar shots, with just the tiniest bit of difference (slightly different angle, adjusted exposure). None of these are filtered – the variations in color and sharpness are achieved by changing up the zoom and exposure (I typically bounce the bias between 0 and -2 step). All were taken with my Nikon COOLPIX P610 mounted on my tripod (yes, those are Amazon affiliate links – thanks for the pennies if you click through and order something!).

Hope you enjoy!






















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