Photo of the Full Harvest Moon October 1st 2020

Last night, I managed to get outside for the first time since June, to take pictures of the full moon. While it took a bit to shake the rust off (but thankfully my Essential Tremor was quiet enough that I mostly only shook when I wanted to…lol), I did end up snapping close to 150 shots, and I’m pretty happy with how many of them look on my computer (which isn’t always how they look in the viewfinder of my camera). While I plan to put together a bunch for a Moon Monday post in a few days, I thought I’d share one of my favorite shots of the night (October 1st 2020) now.

Photo of the Full Harvest Moon October 1st 2020

Full Harvest Moon October 1st 2020
La Luna, still being a bit shy behind the trees, at around 10pm (five hours after officially turning full).


I’m looking forward to sharing more shots on Monday, and might even have a gif put together as well. And for my blockchain friends, I’m also working on the results of yesterday’s Power Up Day, and while participation for #HivePUD was down a bit, a record number of Hive community members managed to score @hivebuzz wicked amazing badges (check out this post for all the cool stats).

Happy Friday!


October 1st 2020

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