Mostly #WordlessWednesday – Birds at my Feeder

It was at some point in late November/early December I decided to put my bird feeders out by our bedroom window again. I had quite the Avian Eatery going for a couple of years around 2017, but with all of my health stuff, combined with issues concerning our rental home (the septic specifically has had me worried we’d need to pull up stakes & move at any given moment), I haven’t had the urge. This year I decided I needed some birds at my feeder to distract me & Freddie (our rescue cat), so hubby & I set up the shepherd’s hooks.

I started with just my squirrel resistant feeder, and this week I added a couple others. While I’ve taken bunches of photos over the past couple of months, I’m remembering exactly how hard it is to get decent shots out of our not exactly sparkling windows while the frenetic birds bounce from place to place (even when my body isn’t doing the same).

Yesterday afternoon I made a point of taking a break from the internet to enjoy the little bit of sunshine that appeared. This morning I went through the 100+ shots and found the ones I thought were post worthy (which, since the feeder was actually in the shade at the time I was snapping, don’t look particularly bright and sunny…lol). Also these were taken with my Nikon affixed to my tripod), out my Durham New Hampshire window. I hope you enjoy!

Birds at my Feeder, January 12th, 2021


Birds at my Feeder
1. Tufted Titmouse

Birds at my Feeder
2. Tufted Titmouse with seed

Birds at my Feeder
3. Tufted Titmouse with seed, anon

Birds at my Feeder
4. Curious Black-capped Chickadee

Birds at my Feeder
5. Male Downy Woodpecker

Birds at my Feeder
6. Male Red-breasted Nuthatch

Birds at my Feeder
7. Black-capped Chickadee with a seed.

Birds at my Feeder
8. Mourning Dove

Birds at my Feeder
9. Female Downy Woodpecker

Birds at my Feeder
10. Female Downy Woodpecker, anon

Birds at my Feeder
11. Curious Dark-eyed Junco

Birds at my Feeder
12. Dark-eyed Junco


Hope you enjoyed the birds at my feeder!

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