Moon Monday – Photos of the June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done a Moon Monday (and according to my WordPress dashboard, the last one was in January… yikes!). So when I was looking for some other pictures, and found a folder full of photos of the June 5th Full Honey Moon, I figured it was high time I got some of them posted – especially since these 7 shots were apparently earmarked for a Moon Monday post on July 27th that I never got around to finishing. Also, since I have over 150 shots from that night, I think I can get a few more Moon Mondays out in the coming weeks. I’m hoping to get outside to get new shots too – I haven’t hung out with La Luna since then, and I miss it. Given that we have two coming up in October (on the 1st and the 31st) I think my chances are good!

As always, these were taken with my Nikon (which has a wicked amazeballs built in zoom lens) which was affixed to my tripod. But instead of taking these in our Durham, NH yard, these were actually taken at various spots in our neighborhood – hubby was kind enough to drive me around so I could get some good shots as the moon was rising (the trees in our yard usually block the view this time of year).

Now for some of my shots of the June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon


1 June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon
Not as clear a shot as I’d hoped for, but I remember asking hubby to pull over asap when we rounded the bend and saw this view. There’s just something about the energy of this shot that makes it (somewhat) easy for me to overlook the slight blurring.

2 June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon
This shot was taken from the same spot, but zoomed in.

3 June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon
Nope, not a filter – I just dropped down the exposure a bit.

4 June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon
Same spot, zoomed in a bit more and changed the exposure again.

5 June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon
Another moment of driving around a corner, then seeing La Luna emerge from behind the trees…

6 June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon
This picture really doesn’t do justice to how magical the sky looked at this point.

7 June 5th 2020 Full Honey Moon
I thought it would be cool to see a zoomed out shot – this was taken whilst standing to the right of our car (lights off, flashers on, just in case). It’s hard to see, but there’s a good sized space off the road which made it perfect place for me to grab about a zillion shots – but more of those in a future Moon Monday!



Happy Moon Monday!


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