Moon Monday – first set of the Halloween Blue Hunter’s Full Moon October 31st 2020

Mother Nature was kind… well, sort of. She arranged for a mostly cloudless sky for the Halloween Blue Hunter’s Full Moon on October 31st – however she also decided not only to send in some snow the day before, but to keep the temps in the even-chillier-since-we’re-not-used-to-them-yet range of around 26F/-3C! Brrrr is not a cold enough word! I did manage to get outside a few times over the course of the evening, and ended up with almost 150 shots to go through, so at least that!

Now without further ado (and before we lose power again, as it’s been off and on today thanks to a nasty windstorm – gotta love New England, right?) here’s the first seven from the evening. As always, these were taken with my my Nikon affixed to my tripod), in my Durham New Hampshire yard, and while I’ve edited for size and such, the differences between shots comes from adjusting the zoom & exposure for each, not from filtering. It’s always amazing to me what a huge difference a little zoom in/out, or exposure step up/down makes in what appears in my lens.

Here’s my first set of the Halloween Blue Hunter’s Full Moon October 31st 2020


1. Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon
1. First photo of the night, as it was rising behind the trees (and yes, that’s Mars peeking out on the right).

2. Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon
2. Still hiding behind the branches

3. Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon
3. Different angle and exposure

4. Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon
4. What a difference a little zoom makes.

5. Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon
5. Zoomed back out again to catch the moonlight on the branches and leaves, looking like magical spider webs.

6. Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon
6. Even Mother Nature dressed up for Halloween!

7. Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon
7. While I typically skip moon shots like this that have that pesky glow around it (that only shows up on camera, thanks to a not-so-great pairing of zoom and exposure), I rather like the seasonal vibe to this one.


Happy Moon Monday!


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