In remembrance of Aunt Mary

A few days ago, Aunt Mary (my maternal aunt and godmother) lost her year-and-a-half long battle with cancer. Since we were told at the end of April that she’d been started on “end of life” procedures (she was in an assisted living facility) it didn’t come as a shock, but still the news has hit me harder than I expected. There are layers to this grief I can’t even begin to express right now.

Which is actually kind of funny when I think about it – when I was younger, I used to follow her around and regale her with long, drawn out stories about anything that happened to be in my head (which later became known as, “chicken salad sandwich stories“), but I’ve spent the better part of two days trying, and the words won’t come. I’m sure she’d be amused at the irony of me being at a loss for words.

So instead, I’m sharing some of my favorite pictures of her from the recent throwback posts I’ve been doing.

In remembrance of Aunt Mary

1. Baby Mary Faye

Aunt Mary
2. Nana Souza & Aunt Mary May 30th, 1941

3. Mary and Lois (my mother), some time in the 1940s

4. Aunt Mary and Mom

5. Mom, Aunt Mary, Nana, and Grampy Souza – cropped from the original

remembrance of Aunt Mary
6. Aunt Mary and mom

Aunt Mary
7. A shot that didn’t clean up very well since it was blurry to begin with, but I love this shot of Aunt Mary with her mom (my Nana Souza), sometime in the mid 1940s

Aunt Mary
8. Mom and Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary
9. In front of the Chapel Street house.

Aunt Mary
10. First communion.

More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos - Aunt Mary and Mom
11. Aunt Mary (standing on the left) with mom sitting behind her.

12. Mom and Aunt Mary – from their outfits, I’m fairly certain (even though there isn’t any info on these shots) these were taken on Easter.

Aunt Mary
13. Aunt Mary, sitting by the front door of the Chapel Street house in Gloucester, MA.

14. Chapel Street again

15. Aunt Mary and a doll, sitting outside the front door of the Chapel Street house.

Aunt Mary
16. With a doll carriage.

17. Somewhere in New Hampshire.

18. Grampy and Aunt Mary

19. Gymnastics in the yard

20. In the living room of the Chapel Street House

21. Possibly on the Gloucester, MA boulevard.

22. The back of the photo says, “Week of June 21st, 1954”

23. In the living room of Chapel Street

24. May 1966

25. I downloaded the original from Aunt Mary’s Facebook so I could clean it up for her – this is the result

26. My Godparents at my Christening, Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill, 1965

Aunt Mary
27. My godparents (the adaptive equalize filter on Lunapics gave me different results for these two shots, but still better than the unfiltered)

28. Aunt Mary & Cailli in 1997

29. Aunt Mary, visiting Tristan in 1997

Aunt Mary
30. Our three kids showing off the new hats & scarves from Aunt Mary in 2006

Aunt Mary
31. My daughters (Cailli & Ciara) with Aunt Mary (mom’s one and only sister) at mom’s 80th birthday party in 2016


Miss you, Aunt Mary. Love you, Mom.


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  1. I’m incredibly sorry for your loss, Traci. Your beautiful photos are such a loving and wonderful gift to your aunt. Bless you and your family.

  2. Sorry for your loss. It makes the sharing of all those lovely Aunt Mary photos recently all the more poignant. I hope you and your family will be comforted in this strange time when mourning rituals are truncated.

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