Grumpy Grandmother – my entry for the Steemitbloggers Most Dangerous Writing App Contest

Once again, the brilliantly diabolic people (looking at you, @zord189 and @jaynie) have come up with a challenging contest. This time, it involved writing for five minutes using The Most Dangerous Writing App . I figured – what the heck? How hard could it be?


I did do a test run first, to try to get a general idea of how long of a story I could write. Stream of consciousness, talking to myself about random stuff yielding me about 260 words. Talk about your flash fiction!

My next attempt was interrupted by a knock on my bedroom door and a barking dog after barely a minute passed, so I just let it go… *whimper*

However, third time’s the charm! This is my result, and is unedited other than putting the paragraphs back in (when you download from the app, it comes in as one big chunk of text). I’ve included a few screencaps at the bottom to show that I didn’t change anything else (even the weird misspelling of “grandmother.” Oh, and funnily enough, my “doing it for realzies” result was 261 words.

I based this on the main character from my “Maeve Sawyer (unpublished as of yet) series.” However, my brain decided to go with the name, Cath (short for Catherine), who is the main character in a different book (and she goes by “Cat” not “Cath”). But since I can’t edit it, I’m just pretending that “Cath” is the nickname only Maeve’s grandmother uses.. LOL! And who knows – while this doesn’t really fit with the current timeline in my stories, I might find a way to work this in at some point in the future.

Now, before I get to my result, here’s a bit about the contest itself (also screencapped, because I was feeling lazy) –

And my result:

“Nana, are you there? It’s me, Cath.” I called out into the house as I opened the front door with my key.

“In here, sweetie. I’m having a cup of tea in the living room. Come join me.”

I grabbed a cup off the shelf of her china cabinet, and nervously walked into her cozy living room. I knew she was happy to see me know, but that was probably going to change after she heard what I had to say.

“Thanks, nana – a cuppa sounds like a good cure for what ails me, right?”

“That’s what I’ve always told you dear. Now, to what can I thank for this random visit?”

I cleared my throat as I poured some tea into my cup. I stalled a bit longer adding cream and sugar, then looked at my nana and said, “I think I’ve started seeing ghosts.”

She took a deep breath, put her cup down slowly on the (ironically named) coffee table between us, and crossed her arms before stating, “Ghosts. As in spirits, the departed, long lost loved ones? Like that?”

“Yes, nana.” I said, as I cringed, knowing what was coming next.

“You mean, after all the years I’ve told you you have a gift and you pooh-poohed it, and now you’re finally going to believe me?”

“Yes, nana,” I almost whispered, knowing how I was going to be hearing about this for a long time.

I heard a noise behind me, and Jack said, “Hey, what are you doing in your dead granmdother’s house talking to yourself?”

And as promised, the screencapped result –

As stressful as this way, it was also a lot of fun! Not to mention a great way to clear the proverbial cobwebs from my writerly brain. Thanks so much for doing this, @steemitbloggers – as always, you RULE!


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    1. Thanks, April! It definitely helped to have a writing prompt to focus on. Before I’d even started, I knew the three characters I wanted to use, so it flowed pretty easily (if nerve-wrackingly…lol) from there.

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