FF – I heart Dragon’s Lair

Raise your hand if you ever lost a ton of quarters in the 80s to the arcade awesomeness that is Dragon’s Lair. I mean, how could you not love a game like this?

Back all those years ago, before the wonders of the World Wide Web were upon us, one of the coolest things (IMHO) that hubby and I bought for our brand spanking new HP Pavilion 5000 series was the Dragon’s Lair game for PC.

So imagine my joy when I saw this headline over at The Mary Sue – “Dragon’s Lair Movie Launches Indiegogo Campaign (After Canceling Its Kickstarter)

While the article itself wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect, it gave me this great bit of info –

Remember the Kickstarter for the Dragon’s Lair movie? Well, it got canceled … after it became clear that the project wouldn’t meet its goals. Good news for Dragon’s Lair fans, though: Don Bluth has taken the project to Indiegogo, where it’s already received a lot more supporters and looks well on its way to succeeding. Recall that this crowd-fund is technically for a “sizzle reel” to be shown to investors, not a full Dragon’s Lair movie — although a feature-length animated film is the eventual goal.

Naturally, I headed over to the Indiegogo project page, and found this –

Dragon's Lair

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have come together once again to bring the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair to the big screen. We are seeking your help to create a “pitch presentation” to make Dragon’s Lair: The Movie with an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign! Since 1983, Dragon’s Lair continues to be a fan favorite around the world, on over 70 different platforms! Please join us in this adventure as we prepare to bring Dragon’s Lair to a new generation!

Your contributions on Indiegogo will be spent to produce a four-minute video which we will call the Pitch Presentation. In the Pitch Presentation video, you will see outline storyboarding, i.e., drawings that will hit the bullet points of what the movie will eventually be. Within this four minute pitch video, our team will also create one full minute of classical animation in full color.

In addition to the four minute pitch video, we intend to employ a professional screenwriter to work with us on the movie script.

These valuable tools, funded by your contributions on Indiegogo, will assist us in raising the money to produce the full length classically animated film.

Let’s make it happen!

As of today, the project is already 88% funded. I think I can find room in the budget to show that hubby and I are “Believers” in this project, and the hopefully not too distant movie to be made as a result.

Do you have any favorite video games that you’d like to see become a movie? Or, given how many already exist, has your fave made it to the big screen? Be sure to shout out in the comments and let me know.

Feel free to shout out!

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