FF – I heart Killjoys

No, I don’t mean killjoys in the spoilsport, sourpuss, stick-in-the-mud kind of way (though I’ve answered to those appellations once or twice). I mean KIlljoys, the latest space opera offering from the folks at SyFy (aka Skiffy). The first season just came to a close on August 21st, and I’m hoping against hope that we get a second season.

These couple of snippets from The Mary Sue sum up why I love this show –

Killjoys is everything I want from a new space show. I wanted an amazing, kickass lady character, and I got Dutch, played by Hannah John-Kamen, who is competent, smart, classy (when she wants to be), and has a sarcastic streak. She also cares deeply about her crew and her ship and does not accept kill warrants.

I also wanted smart, badass space gents, and I got John and D’Avin Jaqobis (played by Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane.) John, in the opening scene, broke my heart, made me laugh, and earned mad props and respect. He’s been taken prisoner by some bad guy and is getting the proverbial snots beaten out of him for stealing his ship, but he just keeps smarting off. When Dutch shows up to rescue him and is pinned to the table, there’s a brilliant bit of dialogue where it seems at first as though the show is going to go with the more formulaic “guy is the leader, gal is crew, and she tried to rescue him but it didn’t work” route.

Then there’s this bit, from Den of Geek!

The relationship between best friends Dutch and Johnny in particular is realized incredibly well. We don’t often see a platonic relationship between a man and a woman treated as the most important dynamic in the show and in the characters’ lives. Though the interplay between star-crossed lovers Dutch and D’avin and quasi-estranged brothers John and D’avin is also enjoyable, it is the friendship between these two killjoy partners that really made this show worth watching.

Still not sure? Check out the official trailer for the first season –

And how could you not love a show with lines like this?

Killjoys - rattled an ovary or two

I leave you with an animated gif I created, of one of my favorite Dutch moments –

(the font came out kinda small, it says, “I have a headache, a badge, and a gun. Behave.”)

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