#FeatheredFriends – Crow Visit From June 2017

Wow, this Friday flew past me in the blink of an eye! However, now that @Melinda010100 has changed things up a bit, and made the #FeatheredFriends tag on Steem for any old day of the week, I can share these pictures of a Crow visit from June 2017, even though it’s Saturday!

(and to be fair, Melinda’s such a sweetie that she didn’t really mind what day of the week people shared their #FeatheredFriday posts anyway… 😊 )

Not only did she change the tag, she’s so on top of things that as soon as she became part of the private beta test for Steem Communities, she flew over (see what I did there?) to create a Steem Community for us! Be sure to check out her announcement post, called Feathered Friends- community name for more details, and some awesome pictures of visitors to her feeder (my favorite it the Northern Flicker and the Black-capped chickadee).

EDIT about two seconds before I posted this, I saw a new one from Melinda called, Feathered Friends-Blue Jays and caught a conversation in the comments between her and the always awesome @brittandjosie, so I’m trying the “first tag as hive link” thing too, in the hopes my crow can join their Blue Jay and ducks. 😊

Now on with my #FeatheredFriends Crow Visit From June 2017 photos!

Crow Visit From June 2017
Back when “my” crows were coming around all the time (which it seems they’re coming back around again lately…YAY!), they liked to perch on this branch outside my bedroom/computer room window and holler at me until I went outside with food. Which is exactly what I did when this beauty (that I nicknamed Angel) showed up, even though it was only 7:30am!

Crow Visit From June 2017
As early as it was, I made sure I had my camera and tripod. Since I brought raisin bread outside with me, my appearance with gear in tow didn’t seem to ruffle any of Angel’s feathers…

Crow Visit From June 2017
…yikes, guess I spoke too soon! 😂

Crow Visit From June 2017
Oh, okay – I see. He just had a bit of an itch he needed to scratch…

Crow Visit From June 2017
…that’s quite the itch!

Crow Visit From June 2017
Actually, this is less itch and more preen – gotta keep his feathers clean for his lady love!

Crow Visit From June 2017
He still hadn’t finished his grooming, but suddenly we heard another crow cawing nearby…

Crow Visit From June 2017
Guess he didn’t want her to see him before he was completely ready. Or maybe he just hadn’t had his coffee yet…lol!


Happy Feathered Friday!

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