Feathered Friends Visit from some Turkey Vultures, March 10th 2020

Back almost exactly a month ago on March 10th I had, for the first time in a long time, a visit from some Feathered Friends (a community hosted by @melinda010100 on the Hive Platform), and I headed outside with my camera for a little while. When I went back inside, it occurred to me it was high time I did a post that wasn’t about Tarot cards or the #SteemHostileTakeOVer.




And not just the obvious things that are going on in the world right now. Things like – after months of not having a car, we finally found our new-to-us dream come true (for the amount of money we had) car. Soon after, hubby said we should plan a family road trip to see my mother, who lives in my hometown about 90 minutes and one state away. She hadn’t had a chance to see us in person for way way too long, and we decided to take our dog Sandy (who used to be her dog) with us.

So back on March 8th we headed off, had a wonderful visit, and headed home much later in the evening than we’d planned – especially since hubby was going back to work (for the first time since his shoulder injury in August/surgery in October) the very next day. Yeah, we know how to plan our calendar well, don’t we?

About halfway through our relaxing drive home, listening to an old Beatles mix CD (thanks to seeing Yesterday a few days before, which inspired hubby to pull out an old mix CD he made early in our relationship for our road trip), the car did a weird quick acceleration noise. Before I could ask him what it was, it stopped.

So did the car. While going 70 mph on the interstate, at around 9:30pm on a winter’s night.

Hubby was able to get the car over to the breakdown lane and we were soon pondering how to get 5 adults and one small dog from Point Stranded to Point Home, about 35 miles away. Long story short…

Screencap of my tweet

Now, even though it’s been three weeks without our car (the engine needs to be replaced), it doesn’t seem to be quite as anxiety inducing as it had been, given the difference in perspective I’ve gained in recent days. I’m hoping to start paying more attention to what’s outside my window (instead of what’s on my screens) in the coming weeks, and hopefully I’ll have some more friends visiting (maybe even some Turkey Vultures again) in the near future.

Now for my Feathered Friends visit from some Turkey Vultures on March 10th, 2020


Feathered Friends Visit from some Turkey Vultures
1. Sandy was fast asleep on our bed when all of a sudden he woke up barking like crazy. I looked out the window & saw these two staring in at us.

Feathered Friends Visit from some Turkey Vultures
2. They didn’t seem to be particularly bothered by all the barking though. 😊

Feathered Friends Visit from some Turkey Vultures
3. After grabbing these few shots out the window, I headed out with my camera & tripod to see if I could catch them without the dirty window as a filter.

Feathered Friends Visit from some Turkey Vultures
4. While the pair stayed in the tree long enough for me to get out there, set up my tripod, and aim my camera in their direction, before I could get the shot, they took off.

Feathered Friends Visit from some Turkey Vultures
5. However, they didn’t seem in a hurry to get away…

Feathered Friends Visit from some Turkey Vultures
6. …and I soon realized they’d brought friends.

7. I couldn’t get them all in one shot, but there were at least seven turning slow circles in the sky!

8. I took a bunch of shots but since I was a bit rusty, I didn’t get any decent closeups of them flying

9. But I’m not complaining!

10. I actually spent a minute or two (as I said, they weren’t in any hurry) just watching them float through the sky.

11. A few grouped together for one last circle, then they all headed off back in the direction of the woods.


Hope you enjoyed my ramblings & shots of some Turkey Vultures, and happy Friday!

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  1. Oh, yes, our feathered friends are our boon companions these days. Some are nesting in the eaves of my writing space. A comforting kind of flurry and bustle

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