Feathered Friday – Crow Visit from February 24th 2017

Before I get started with my crow visit from February 24th 2017, I wanted to quickly mention that I’m putting this post together ahead of time, and scheduling to auto post on Friday (yet another reason I love having the SteemPress plugin attached to my WordPress blog).

I decided to do this because I know, given how many things are going on at the moment, my presence on my millions of social media accounts might be a bit hit or miss, so I wanted to make sure I shouted out to let people know that, while things aren’t great, hopefully after all this medical stuff (not mine, so not my stories to tell) is over they will be on their way to being better.

One of the medical things I can talk about is hubby having a shoulder operation today (hence the ahead of time auto post), after hurting it on August 11th. It took some time, but he was eventually diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear, as well as bicep tear and some bone spurs for good measure. Today’s surgery is supposed to repair it all, but no clue how long he’ll still be out of work afterwards, especially since he’ll have to be healed enough to sling a ladder around. While I’m wicked happy to have him around, our collective wallet is much less so.

Interesting timing too, because Monday is our 30th wedding anniversary. Months ago, we decided we’d finally celebrate our anniversary properly for a change, since something always seems to come up every other year. Two years ago actually, on October 6th, I hurt my thumb pushing myself up out of bed in the morning, which seemed to be the event that triggered my tremors. I told Jim it really wasn’t a competition, and he didn’t need to one-up me on pre-anniversary injuries like that. 😂

At any rate, now we’re simply planning to have a quiet day in, most likely with a movie rental and lots of homemade popcorn. So enough babbling about bummer stuff – time to get on with the Feathered Friday fun!

I decided to go with crows again this week, even though I’ve featured them once or twice before, because it seemed like a fitting way to kick off the spooky season. Especially given, according to one of my favorite Llewellyn authors, Ted Andrews (from his amazing book, Animal Speak) –

“Wherever crows are, there is magic. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life. They are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive within our world everyday and available to us.” ~ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak (page 132)

These shots are from my rather large unedited photo collection (which is actually different from my other rather large edited but not published photo collection 😜). On this particular day in 2017, I took close to 100 shots of my friendly neighborhood crow. Now I’ve gone through and picked 18 of my favorites. I did share two of these a couple years ago on my social media, but the other sixteen are new to the interwebz.

One last thing before I get started with my latest contribution to the Feathered Friday tag that @melinda010100 has kept flying on the Steem blockchain – be sure to check out the post Melinda did for this week’s Feathered Friday (I’ll come back and edit in the link once she posts it). EDITED Thursday night, since Melinda is awesome like that – here’s the link to her Feathered Friday post, which has some adorable young Cardinals.

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
1. Around 3pm that afternoon, I looked out the window and spied this guy

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
2. Looks like he was trying to get my attention…

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
3. …and seemed pretty pleased when I noticed him.

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
4. When I got outside with my camera, well… I thought he was pleased. Sticking his tongue out at me says otherwise… LOL!

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
5. While the mid afternoon winter ligting made it tough to get clear shots of this beauty…

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
6. … I have to say, I do like the near silhouettes it created.

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
7. And when this guy blinked, the nictitating membrane over his eye made for a cool spooky effect!

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
8. I think someone’s getting tired of posing…

Crow Visit from February 24th 2017
9. … yep, sure enough, he flew off to the other side of the yard, and glared at me…


10. … then less than a minute later, he and his nictitating membrane were back!

11. He couldn’t make up his mind – one minute he seemed to be pointedly ignoring me…

12. … then it was back to glaring at me. Come on, dude – you were the one trying to get my attention!

13. Once again, he flew off to another tree, although this one was still close by.

14. A noise caught his attention, and I realized who he was showing off for – while I didn’t get a good capture, I caught a glimpse of another crow nearby.

15. Looks like this guy is actually showing off for his lady love.

16. After his performance…

17. … and one last big stretch…

18. … he bowed, then flew away. Thanks for the beautiful show, Mr Crow! I hope your lady love enjoyed it as much as I did!


Happy Feathered Friday!

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  1. Great pictures. I have to say when I was little I watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie ‘Birds.’ Needless to say, I was afraid of crows after that movie and it’s taken me a long time to get over that irrational fear and not dislike them. I like your description of them so much better. LOL!

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