Feathered Friday – A Cooper’s Hawk visit on July 9th, 2017

Earlier today, when the eldest was outside with our dog Sandy, and was talking to us through our bedroom window, she looked up and said, “Look! A hawk! Oh wait – it’s a crow.” It somehow reminded me that when I was looking at my unedited bird photos for last week’s Feathered Friday, I noticed I had a bunch from a Cooper’s Hawk visit on July 9th, 2017.

Over the years, I’ve submitted a number of photos to the HawkWatch International Ask An Expert website, and I’ve gotten some amazing assistance with identifying the hawks in our neighborhood. So usually if I’ve labeled a photo, it’s either because I’ve gotten confirmation from them, or I was confident enough that the hawk looked like another that had been ID’ed. All of which means I’m about 99.99% sure this is actually a Cooper’s Hawk. 😜

I also found I had a handful from a hawk flyby in the spring of 2017, so I thought I’d include them here as well.

But before I get started with my latest contribution to the Feathered Friday tag that @melinda010100 has kept flying on the Steem blockchain, be sure to check out the post Melinda did for this week’s Feathered Friday – she has some adorable Hairy Woodpeckers captures!

Now here are nine shots from July 9th, 2017, and five shots from March 2nd, 2017 from my rather large unedited photo collection (which is different from my other, rather large edited but not published photo collection 😜).

A Cooper’s Hawk visit on July 9th, 2017 & some hawk flybys

Cooper's Hawk visit
Around 4pm this particular day, I looked out our bedroom window and spotted this beauty grooming himself on a tree branch (and I’m sure many of you recognize this branch, as it’s made a number of appearances on my blog). He was so intent on the process that he didn’t seem to mind when I ran outside with my camera.

Cooper's Hawk visit
Him noticing me noticing him.

Cooper's Hawk visit
We’d had a rainstorm earlier, and guessing from how he’s shaking, he got a bit wet…

Cooper's Hawk visit
… and a bit cranky.

Cooper's Hawk visit
He took off and landed on a branch a bit further off.

Cooper's Hawk visit
I soon realized why…

Cooper's Hawk visit
… he wanted to spread his wings in the sunlight to dry!

Cooper's Hawk visit
I’ve shared a different shot of him drying off from these handful of shots…

….but not these three.

While I can tell from this shot that this is a hawk, it’s not a clear enough capture to tell what kind

Since he was flying around, it was hard to zoom in to get a clear enough shot to ID

But still, there’s something about a hawk silhouette against the sky…

…that never fails…

…to make me smile.


Happy Feathered Friday!

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