Fractured fairy tale

Back in 2009, I gave my writing group a prompt, called "Fractured Fairy Tale." The gist of it - you take an existing fairy tale and turn it into a parody, much like the beloved cartoon from my youth. The following was my fairy tale contribution. *~*~*~*~*~*~* Once upon a time, long, long, ago, deep... Continue Reading →

Inspired words

In 2009, one of the multi-talented members of our writing group organized a program called, “Inspired Words.” The idea was to use a piece of art in a local museum as the inspiration for our monthly writing prompt. We were also given the opportunity, along with the community at large, to read our results at... Continue Reading →

Prompt writing

I was poking around my computer files this morning, procrastinating cleaning things up a bit before catching up on some NaNo writing (my goal today is 4,000 words. *gulp*). I stumbled upon the very first prompt I sent out to my old writing group, called "The Black Velvet Box." It was supposed to be 500... Continue Reading →

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