Musing Monday – I Will Follow You

Now that I've consistently posted entries three times a week for close to a year (and daily last November), I've turned my focus to finding my audience. My peeps. My fan base. Lately, when I'm pondering possible platitudes to entice people here, this song by Genesis pops into my head - "I will follow you... Continue Reading →

MM – Knock, knock joke

Knock, knock. Who's there? Who. Who, who? What, are you an owl? I was outside a few days ago, stalking looking for my crows, and the little guy above decided to play hide-and-seek with me for a good ten minutes. I think I may have graduated from the Crazy Crow Lady, to the Crazy Bird... Continue Reading →

MM – Aviary funny joke

Hey bird. Wanna hear a joke? It’s so cold out… It’s so cold... even the birds are turning blue! You didn’t think that was funny? Hey Bird (Blue Jay). What? Wanna hear a joke? Sure. It's so cold out... How cold is it? It's so cold... even the birds are turning blue! *groan* You didn't... Continue Reading →

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