WW – Protection spell

Another (mostly) #WordlessWednesday post for Witchy Wednesday, this time for a simple protection spell. Bright blessings! Text from the graphic - Protection Spell. Candle and matches. Quartz crystal point. Piece of Jet (Fossilized wood, God, Receptive, Earth and Spirit, absorbs negative energy). Piece of Amber (Fossilized pine resin, Goddess, Projective, Fire and Spirit, gives life... Continue Reading →

WW – Simple candle spell

When I first studied witchcraft (in the early 90s), I spent more time worrying that any kind of ritual or spell I attempted wasn’t done properly, and less time actually doing rituals and spells. Over the years, I relaxed into a more laid-back approach, but substituted my “properly done” worry with the “does this make... Continue Reading →

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