And the winner is…

Where was I? Oh yes, I remember - out of all the options we had for our winter living situation, the winner was... *drum roll* ... none of the above! *grin* The night I posted the blog entry, Winter of our dis-is-contentment, hubby came home and told me he’d stumbled upon a really nice rental... Continue Reading →

Decisions, decisions…

To be honest, we’ve made our winter decision, but I’ve been too busy to blog about it… *grin* But before I make the big announcement (given my two readers are also Facebook friends they’re already well aware of it, but allow me the illusion that I have people breathless with antici… pation), let me start... Continue Reading →

Winter of our dis is content(ment)

Winter is coming. While I’m happy the speedy summer means we’re that much closer to the next season of Game of Thrones, it makes me anxious in many other ways. And while I love the freedom afforded us with camper living, sometimes having too many choices is as bad as none at all. Okay, maybe... Continue Reading →


Call me Mama Bear, because I’m snoozing the winter away… Not a hibernation like in years past, though. This new living situation we’ve chosen has once again proven to have unexpected benefits. Since our kitchen is small, I can’t stock up on groceries, so I need to go out and face the world at least... Continue Reading →

Christmas 2.0

Some day I’ll have a stress-free time before Christmas… *grin* Worst thing about my annual angst - it’s completely and totally under my control, yet I always let it get the best of me. I really thought I’d have it mastered this year, but I let the guilt of Christmas past sneak up and whisper... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

I had a bagel for breakfast. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but we've been without a means of toasting since the end of July, when we sent our toaster oven/rotisserie to a new family via Goodwill. We promised the eldest we would buy the Hello Kitty toaster she's been dying for... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

What a winter preview! I'm trying to hold on to the fact that having 18 inches of snow and 20 degree temperatures in October is a great way to show us what still needs to be done with the camper to prepare for the "real" winter. While the storm itself was crazy, it did help... Continue Reading →

State of Confusion

I'm having an identity crisis of sorts. While the name of this little corner of cyberspace is "Confessions of an Internet G33k," lately it's feels more appropriate to call it, "Adventures in Camping." I'm happy to have been inspired to write entries on a regular basis again - nevertheless, I feel I'm veering away from... Continue Reading →

The Camping Life

Yes, we live in a choice. I don't mean to sound defensive, but after numerous reactions to our new living situation that have bordered on rude ("Oh, really? When do you think you'll be able to afford an apartment again?") I wanted to clear up the misconception we can't afford to do anything else.... Continue Reading →


Turn and face the strange... *grin* In July, we were living in a two-and-a-half bedroom, two bath apartment. We had about 1,000 square feet of living space, filled to the brim with items we've been toting around for the better part of two decades. Huge kitchen table we didn't eat at most nights because it... Continue Reading →


We sure know how to pick our neighbors. *wince* Instead of the blog entry I had prepared, talking about the new lifestyle my family has chosen, I’ve written an account of the standoff at our new home. A few different news reports have come out about the events of Sunday, September 3rd (here, here and... Continue Reading →

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