Your Top 3 Contest For November – Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

A new month means a new @yourtop3 contest over on the Hive platform. And what a wicked (and literally) cool topic it is – this time, we get to pick our top 3 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors. Again, it’s another topic that is super duper easy to narrow down to just a few…

(actual footage of me when offered almost any kind of ice cream)

Favorite Ice Cream Flavors baby loves ice cream

However, I figured out another sentimental way to make it possible to choose before my brain collapsed from the strain. I decided to limit my choices to just straight up ice cream (no sandwiches or other delectable desserts) and only cartons of the frozen fantabulousness that is Friendly’s ice cream.

Why Friendly’s?

Growing up, the restaurant in Gloucester, MA (part of a local chain) was the location of many happy times. Hanging with theater friends after rehearsals/performances. Having lunches and/or dinners with family. All sorts of feels tied up in that one location that sadly no longer exists.

I’m also old enough to remember when they first started selling cartons at local supermarkets (and funny thing, that when I looked up the actual year, turns out it was 1989, the same year hubby & I got married), and how I was equal parts excited to be able to bring home my favorite flavors when getting groceries, and worried that it might signal the demise of the restaurants. Turns out I was a bit early with my concerns, but they’ve now a reality thanks to the loveliness that is 2020 (and yes, seeing that announcement in the news also had a hand in my choice).

So before I get down to talking about my favorite flavors, here’s a little blurb from their website, for those unfamiliar with this company –

Friendly's Logo - Your Top 3 Contest For November - Favorite Ice Cream Flavors
Image source

Founded on Ice Cream
Built Around Families

Our History

In 1935, the Blake Brothers opened their first ice cream shoppe in Springfield, Massachusetts and named it “Friendly.” The name was a promise that the shoppe would be a friendly place for families to create lasting memories while enjoying handcrafted ice cream that was made fresh daily.

Today, we still believe in that promise which is why our creamery is dedicated to using only high quality, locally sourced ingredients and even some of the Blake’s original recipes. From traditional favorites and seasonal flavors to sundae-inspired indulgences and co-branded offerings, Friendly’s is proud to scoop up smile after smile in homes across the country.

Over the last 80+ years, we’ve expanded our beloved variety of products to include ice cream cakes, rolls, cups and novelties in our continued efforts to satisfy every craving and celebrate every moment.

Simply put: we strive to make the world a friendlier place, one scoop at a time.


Okay, now that my computer screen is inexplicably blurry, I’ll get on with making my official choices for Q (who will soon be following my favorite frozen franchise into the sunset… oh hey, now it appears to be raining on my keyboard…. better type faster before the floodgates open), then reward myself with a nice big celebratory bowl when I’m finished. Yes, of ice cream. 😉 😂

My Top 3 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Nomination 1 – Peppermint Stick

Peppermint Stick - Your Top 3 Contest For November - Favorite Ice Cream Flavors
Image source



While I’m not entirely certain, I think this is the first ice cream flavor I obsessed over (as in, had to have whenever we went out for ice cream). And again with the old thing, back all those years ago it wasn’t a seasonal flavor like it is now – funny that it’s become associated with Christmas while for me it always brings back memories of summer. Of course back when I first enjoyed it, it was white peppermint ice cream with bits of red and white crushed candy canes – now it’s an… interesting pink color with red and green candies. Regardless, it still tastes like happy memories.

Nomination 2 – Butter Crunch

Butter Crunch - Your Top 3 Contest For November - Favorite Ice Cream Flavors
Image source



I have a vague memory of actually trying a butter crunch ice cream cone at a different local shop (maybe The Cupboard? Or Long Beach Dairy Maid?) before discovering it at Friendly’s. It always reminds me of one of my late father’s favorite flavor of Lifesavers candies (which given that they were butter rum, is not at all surprising). Rich, buttery ice cream with delicious little bits of candy (and they could actually be butter rum lifesavers, given how similar they taste), and it pairs perfectly with chocolate jimmies.

Nomination 3 – Vienna Mocha Chip

Vienna Mocha Chip - Your Top 3 Contest For November - Favorite Ice Cream Flavors
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My current favorite, and in fact I have a (partial) carton sitting in my freezer at the moment. It’s like a grown up version of traditional chocolate chip. Creamy coffee ice cream with yummy little chunks of mocha chocolate chips that is so delicious, I even put together a drink recipe and infographic for it a few years back, and had a total fan girl moment when Friendly’s & Boru replied to my tweet (and shared my post/graphic to boot!).


Honorable Mention – Nor’easter Pothole

Nor’easter Pothole - Your Top 3 Contest For November - Favorite Ice Cream Flavors
Image source



I forgot about this recent, seasonal release until I was perusing the website for links to my top three. We only bought it once a year or so ago – it’s essentially cookies & cream ice cream redone with some local flavor (HA!), but as I recall it wasn’t particularly outstanding other than the funny nod to the typical wicked condition of local roads.


Ice Cream Flavors

There are my choices for favorite ice cream flavors! And while the contest prizes are limited to bloggers on the Hive blockchain, I figure there are lots of bloggers out there who might want to share their faves too. Instead of offering crypto prizes like the @yourtop3 crew, I thought I’d offer a little social media exposure instead.

So if anyone wants to jump aboard and share your Top 3 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors, please feel free to drop a link to your own post (no time limit) in my comment section (along with your Twitter handle, if you have one), and I’ll do my best to take a peek and give it a tweet!

One last thing – a big thank you to the awesomesauce peeps behind this monthly crypto contest (now with the wicked awesomesauce addition of a Champions League!) @plantstoplanks, @nickyhavey, @foxyspirit, and @cheese4ead – you guys and gals ROCK!


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Speaking of witch which…

Ice Cream Flavors

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