Your Top 3 Contest For August 2020 – Favorite End of the World Movies

A new month means a new @yourtop3 contest over on the Hive platform. And what a timely topic it is – this eight month of the infamous year 2020, we get to pick our top 3 Favorite End of the World Movies. 😂

No big surprise that articles and blog posts about apocalyptic, end of the world movies seem to be pretty popular right now, which almost made it harder to pick three of my favorites, since each one I skimmed had yet another one I wanted to add to my list! And there are all sorts of different themes – zombies, of course, but also disease, aliens, natural disasters… I could probably write 20 million different posts with my top three brloken down into themes! I also noticed with my “short” list of 50+ movies, that Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis, and Tom Cruise appear multiple times – maybe the three of them could star in a movie together, called, “2020 – You Won’t Believe This, But…”

Before I reveal my Top 3, I want to shout out to all the others I jotted down on my notepad as I searched the interwebz for qualifying films (in alphabetical order, to make sure I wasn’t listing any twice). It ended up being a wicked nostalgic list for me, and I plan on revisiting some of these in the very near future, so I thought it would be cool to include it here.

10 Cloverfield Lane
28 Days Later
Æon Flux
Attack the Block
Blade Runner
Book of Eli
Cherry 2000
Cockneys vs Zombies
Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live Die Repeat)
Escape from New York
I am Legend
Independence Day
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Logan’s Run
Mad Max (all of them)
Night of the Comet
Planet of the Apes (1968)
Reign of Fire
Resident Evil (mostly all of them)
Shawn of the Dead
Steel Dawn
The Day After Tomorrow
The Fifth Element
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
The Invasion
The Matrix (all of them)
The Seventh Sign
The Terminator (mostly all of them)
Ultraviolet (technically dystopian not apocalyptic, but I couldn’t resist 😊)
Warm Bodies
War of the Worlds (2005)
World War Z
Zombieland (both, but the first just a little bit more)

Of those, I managed to narrow down my list further to my top 8 (based on ones I’ve watched time and time again)…

Book of Eli
Edge of Tomorrow
Shaun of the Dead
The Fifth Element
Warm Bodies

Now, for my official (can’t believe I finally made my choices and before midnight on the 9th, no less!) Top 3 Favorite End of the World Movies picks – this time in order from my top fave down to my third.

My Top 3 Favorite End of the World Movies

Nomination 1 – Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead Favorite End of the World Movies
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This movie has been in such heavy rotation in my household, and is such a family favorite, that I’m not actually sure when it was that we first saw it! And yes, we are those rotten kinds of parents that most likely scarred our kids by letting them watch it at an early-ish age (I know for sure it was playing on a near constant basis in our living room in 2012, when the youngest was just 12), but then again we’re the family that used to watch The Walking Dead together every week (until the whole Glen thing started the shark jumping vibe for us).

There’s just something about how Everyman Shaun handles the Zed word crisis that just screams Don’t Stop Me Now YES, that’s what I’d like to think I’d do! And without spoiling the end for those who haven’t seen it, I do really enjoy how they managed to have a fairly happy ending to it all! It’s probably why it’s such a favorite, because it takes a scary-but-fantastical end of the world situation (zombies), treats it in large part with comedy to offset the tragedy, then serves up a “make the best of a bad situation” resolution. Here’s to hoping 2020 ends on a similar positive note!

Nomination 2 – The Fifth Element

Fifth Element Favorite End of the World Movies
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Multi-pass. Big ba-da boom. Chicken good. Those are three things that hubby & I regularly say to each other, and those are just the Leeloo quotes! And while this doesn’t feel like the typical end of the world kind of movie (I think because only a relatively small group of characters actually know the world is about to end), it does have all the… elements. 🤣 Again, I think I love it so much because of the over-the-top way everything is set up, from reconstructing the Supreme Being (using the surviving bit of forearm) to the Diva Plavalaguna’s funky cool performance that gives me goose bumps every single time.

Nomination 3 – Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow Favorite End of the World Movies
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This apocalyptic Groundhog Day-esque flick is the most traditional of my three choices – very little comedy, with lots and lots of violence and death. Yet at its core, it’s actually a love story, albeit one full of creepy aliens called Mimics, blowing everything and everyone to bits in their effort to take over our planet (and when the movie starts, they’ve already managed to invade a large portion of Europe). However, just like my other two picks, a group of people band together, fight against immeasurable odds, and come out triumphant by the time the credits roll. It also just occurred to me that all three movies end with the heroine and the hero together, so it seems I favor my apocalypse flavored with a bit of romance, and asking each other essentially… will you love me again? 😊


There are my choices! And while the contest prizes are limited to bloggers on the Hive blockchain, I figure there are lots of bloggers out there who might want to share their faves too. Instead of offering crypto prizes like the @yourtop3 crew, I thought I’d offer a little social media exposure instead.

So if anyone wants to jump aboard and share your Top 3 Favorite End of the World Movies, please feel free to drop a link to your own post (no time limit) in my comment section (along with your Twitter handle, if you have one), and I’ll do my best to take a peek and give it a tweet!

One last thing – a big thank you to the awesomesauce peeps behind this monthly crypto contest (now with the wicked awesomesauce addition of a Champions League!) @plantstoplanks, @nickyhavey, @foxyspirit, and @cheese4ead – you guys and gals ROCK!

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