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Admittedly not as catchy as “winter is coming” but I like the sound of it so much more. This coming Monday (February 2nd) is auspicious for many reasons. Not only will I celebrate the results of the big game, and look to Punxsutawney Phil for his prognostications, I will also welcome the halfway point of winter, known in some Wiccan circles as Imbolc (I pronounce it, “IM-bulk” but “EM-bowlk” and “EE-molc” work too).

Essentially, Imbolc is the celebration of the return of the Sun, and with it, Spring. There are 19 bajillion websites and books with tons of information about this Cross Quarter Day, so I thought I’d share the simple things I plan to do to acknowledge this Sabbat.

Imbolc is associated with spring cleaning. I have a rather daunting list of decluttering projects I want to accomplish, and I plan to check off one big and one small at some point during the day. Rather than decide now and give the Universe time to plot mischief, I’ll wait and figure it out when the time comes. Though I will admit, I am leaning towards the cleansing of our (mine and hubby’s) stone collection, since “stone gathering” is considered one of the activities of the day.

This winter, thanks to our eldest, we’ve had a fair number of candles burning whenever she’s awake (she loves how cozy it makes the house feel). Tuesday, I plan to have one burning at my desk whenever I sit down, and to spend at least a few minutes thinking about the arrival of warmer days, and possibly get some mental house cleaning accomplished at the same time.

I’m also hoping to sage the house, and if I’m able to procure a new broom (nothing fancy – just something like this), then I’ll do a clean sweep of every room, banishing negative energy from our abode.

Here is another rite I thought would be cool to try at some point during the future. Sharing it here, with their blessing, from one of the Facebook witchy pages I follow, so it doesn’t disappear when I go searching next winter –

Winter and Imbolc

Now to you, dear reader readers – do you have any plans for Imbolc? I’d love to hear how others plan to celebrate the halfway point of the season (witchy & non-witchy ways alike). Be sure to shout out with a comment.

Bright Imbolc blessings to one and all!

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  1. It’s so lovely knowing that we’re halfway out of the dark. πŸ™‚ No special celebrations here, just gratitude for days getting longer and longer…

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