WW – New moon spinning

Okay, technically the new moon on May 18th won’t be spinning, but it’s the same day Mercury goes retrograde (for the second time this year), so I mashed up the two events into one blog post title. *grin*

Again, since this is National Photo Month, I’ll let my pictures do the talking –

Mercury Retrograde

New moon in Taurus

Bright new moon and Mercury Retrograde blessings to all!
Mercury Retrograde May 18 to June 11, 2015. This retrograde is in the sign of Gemini, making it a good time to review recent issues or ideas from a new, enlightened perspective. Mercury Retrograde is also a good time to look backwards to fix what might be broken, before moving forward again. Amethyst, Moldavite, and Tiger Eye are three (of many) stones associated with Gemini for ritual work. May 15th – Happy birthday to the god Mercury! May 18, 2015. New moon in Taurus. The new moon is a time for planting symbolic seeds. Taurus is an Earth sign. This is a good time to slow down, get grounded, and set some relationship intentions.

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