WW – New Moon on Wednesday

Yes, I know – it’s actually, “New Moon on Monday” but I think new Moon on Wednesday works just as well. *grin*

Tonight at about 6:30pm (EST), the moon will officially be in her monthly dark phase. It’s always easy for me to remember what this aspect represents, thanks to this chant (found the lyrics online at Spark Collective) –

Dark night, starry night,
new beginnings.
Dark night, starry night,
will come to be
dark of the moon.
New beginnings, fantasy,
dark of the moon
come tonight.
Dark of the moon,
new beginnings.
Dark of the moon,
plant a seed tonight.
Dark of the moon.
What we envision
will come to be
by the full moonlight.

To hear how amazing this actually sounds, here is a performance by the very talented group, Libana

Tonight, I’m trying a simple way of celebrating the dark of the moon, in the hopes I’ll actually get it done for once. I’m going to light a candle, play this video for background noise (these ladies are amazing!), and spend 15 minutes at my computer, writing down a goal and planning for how to accomplish it in the next thirty days or so.

For my Pagan/Wiccan readers – what are some of your favorite rituals for this time of the month? Please feel free to start a conversation about them in the comment section below. Bright Super and Black Moon Blessings to all!

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