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While the original Earth Day was founded by Christian peace activist John McConnell and put into action mostly by students around 1970, it’s a natural fit for witchy types like myself. The day kinda snuck up on me, so I didn’t have anything planned, but I managed to do a few of things.

First, I signed a petition at the website, A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment. Part of the declaration goes like this –

As signatories, we commit to use our abilities and resources to promote policies and practices that foster the changes that our world so urgently needs. We will continue to educate members of our community to foster intelligent and focused sustainable living, and help the world recognize that everyone, whether Pagan or not, is part of our precious Earth. We hold that living a fulfilling and meaningful life, and allowing the same for future generations, is only possible if the entire Earth is healthy. We will therefore strive as individuals, as groups, and as members of a global society to promote the current and future health of our entire Earth, including the water, air, land, and the web of life.

I also did a bit of maintenance on the section of our yard I now call, “The Avian Eatery.” I hung suet feeders on a couple of trees (I discovered if you put one merely a foot off the ground, it disappears overnight), and I scattered bird seed on stumps and rocks, instead of using a traditional feeder. Oh, and judging from the poop around it, I believe my feathered friends have discovered my simple and inexpensive (yep, that’s a clay saucer with a rock in it) birdbath.

The Avian Eatery
The Avian Eatery

Last thing for the moment (though the day is still young – at least, it was when I started writing this a bazillion hours ago), I’ve put together the following graphic. Please feel free to share.

Earth Day ritual, Dunwich
Earth Day ritual, Dunwich
Light [a] candle, and as you gaze into its flames, focus your thoughts and energies upon the Earth, her rugged beauty and natural wonders, and recite: “Bless the Earth, bless the Earth. She is our mother, fertile and green. She is our healer. She is our queen. She is our teacher, ancient and wise. She must be cherished, let her not perish. She is our goddess in disguise. ~ Gerina Dunwich April 22, 2001

Bright Earth Day Blessings!

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  1. There was a tree-planting ceremony at Granite State College today, but alas, I wasn’t able to escape my desk long enough to get across town in time. 🙁

    I love your Avian Eatery!

    1. Dang, that stinks. 🙁

      Thanks, thinky – it’s hard to tell from this shot, but I have about four different stumps in the immediate area that I sprinkle seed on. Now if only my crows would come back to visit. *pout*

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