WW – Happy birthday Sybil Leek

I’ve bought so many books in my lifetime that it’s near impossible to remember each individual purchase. A few stand out in my memory – the acquisition of Scott Cunningham’s Guide for one. My first Harry Dresden for another. Then there’s the one by “Britain’s most famous witch“, the one and only Dame Sybil Leek, called “Diary of a Witch.”

I can vividly picture standing in the bookstore that used to exist at the corner of Hancock Street and Main in Gloucester, some time in the mid 70s. I’m not sure, but I think my father’s old business (Cape Ann Television) was still across the street, which is why I was able to be at the store by myself. I’d always been interested in the occult, and when I found the glorious red paperback with the word, “Witch” right there on the cover, I knew I had to own it. I know I also grabbed a couple other books to purchase at the same time, in an attempt to mask my obviously Pagan purchase.

I read it multiple times, although all these years later, I can’t recall a single word (sadly, it was the victim of a roof leak in the early 90s, so I no longer own it). I still remember the thrill of seeing it perched on my small, wooden bookshelf (where I kept my favorites), and thinking how awesome it was that witches really did exist outside of fairy tales.

Since the anniversary of Sybil Leek‘s birthday recently passed (February 22nd), I thought I’d create a graphic from one of the few quotes I was able to verify online. Someday soon, I hope to replace Diary (there’s already a spot waiting next to her, “The Jackdaw and the Witch” that I scored last year). In the meantime, here’s a quote from the introductory chapter, paired with a crow picture I took this week with my brand new camera (can you tell I’m in love with it? *grin*).

Happy birthday Sybil Leek Crow with Sybil Leek quote


Oh, and while I was investigating quotes, I stumbled upon her appearance on The Amazing World of Kreskin. Check it out!



What was your first openly Pagan/Wiccan purchase? Please feel free to shout out in the comment section below. Bright blessings!

“There is alchemy in love-the mysterious feeling which no one is ever quite sure about but which contains all kinds of magical ingredients. There is the magic which drives illness from bodies in pain, there is the magic of a great name, of music, of spring. Magic is a joyous exceptional experience which leads to a sense of well-being, and there is nothing we witches love more.” ~ Sybil Leek, Diary of a Witch

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  1. I remember her I used to get a book every month printed by her of astrology it was silver I could only get it in one drugstore but loved it my cousins got me into the astrology and they always had her books she was always accurate for years I bought the books then one day they no longer sold them at the drugstore

    1. Oh wow, Connie – I didn’t know she did a monthly thing as well (although knowing how deeply she loved astrology, I’m not surprised). I wonder if there are some still available out there on eBay – I may have to do some research. Thanks so much for mentioning this!

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