WW – Happy Birthday Scott Cunningham

This coming Monday (June 27th, 2016) would have been Scott Cunningham‘s 6oth birthday. To celebrate, I’m reposting some of the graphics I’ve created using his words and my photographs. Happy Birthday Scott Cunningham!
Cunningham's Read quote

“Read as much as you can, discarding negative or disturbing information. Learn by doing, and the Goddess and God will bless you with all you truly need.” ~ Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham Money Attraction Spell

Money attraction spell – “With clove or cinnamon oil, trace the money rune on the largest denomination bill you have. Put this in your wallet or purse and resist spending it for a long as possible. Every time you look at the bill, visualize the rune to reinforce its power.” ~ Scott Cunningham

Cunningham birthday quote

“Seek out the wisdom in books, rare manuscripts, and cryptic poems, if you will, but seek it out also in simple stones and fragile herbs, and in the cry of the wild bird. Listen to the whisperings of the wind and the roar of the ocean, if you would discover magic, for it is here that the old secrets are preserved.” Scott Cunningham, Cunningham’s Book of Shadows.

Happy Birthday Scott Cunningham Protection Spell

Protection spell – “Any evil spell against this place or against the one who rents it, will be scattered for apace and returned to the one who sends it. I now invoke the law of three. This is my will, so mote it be.” ~ Scott Cunningham

Cunningham birthday quote 2

“Magic is our birthright…and should be available to all who wish to utilize it as a tool of personal transformation.” ~ Scott Cunningham, June 27, 1956 to March 28, 1993

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