WW – Full moon in June

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to photograph the full moon each month. I’ll update this post next week with a picture (if I’m lucky enough to get one – so far this year, the weather gods have been kind). In the meantime, the full moon from April 4, 2015 is serving as the backdrop for this Full moon in June graphic.

Full moon in June

UPDATE June 4, 2015 – I spoke too soon. We were in the middle of a desperately needed rain storm on the night of the full moon, but I managed to grab a handful of pictures last night before the clouds rolled in again. I think this is my favorite out of them –

June 2015 full moon, a day late
June 2015 full moon, a day late

Full moon in June – June 2, 2015 will be the full “Honey” moon n the sign of Sagittarius. Magical workings include legal matters, publishing, travel, protection, divination, knowledge, money, dreams, high ideals. Also called the “Rose” or “Strawberry” moon.

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