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Saturday night is the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius. There are some mutterings around the interwebz that this will also be a Blue Moon, but only according to an old, obscure, and strangely almost local-to-me source. There’s a great explanation of it all in the article A May Full ‘Blue Moon’ on Tap For This Weekend? by David Dickinson over at Universe Today. Here are a few tidbits, but be sure to check out the whole post –

The term seems to come down to us from the Maine Farmer’s Almanac, which denoted the ‘third Full Moon in an astronomical season with four as blue.’ The lunar synodic period of 29.5 days — the length of time it takes the Moon to return to a like phase, such as New to New, or Full to Full — means that on most years, there are 12 Full Moons. 29.5 times 12 comes out about 11 days short of a 365.25 day solar year at 354 days, meaning that about every three years, we have a year with 13 Full Moons.

Of course, a deeper riddle is just why the Maine Farmer’s Almanac termed this occurrence as Blue, and why they picked the 3rd of a season with 4 specifically… one legend goes that the extra anomalous Full Moon was depicted on the calendar in blue ink to stand out. We’d love to get our hands on a copy of the Old Maine Farmer’s Almanac circa late 19th early 20th century era to see if this was indeed the case. This is on our list of research projects, next time we find ourselves back in our home state of Maine.

For more information on the astrological aspects of this Sagittarius moon, check out the article – Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 21st, 2016 – In Freedom over at Aeternalight Astrology. Here is a small snippet –

The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, occurring on May 21st, at 01°13 (9:14 PM UTC, 5:14 PM ET, 2.14 PM PST) is like the first act of a theatre play – a revealing, eye-opening one at that. Both happening in the same sign, the next two Full Moons are two closely intertwined chapters of the same narrative, which sees us as the protagonists on a quest. Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses; however, the plot that is being exposed, uncovered and divulged at the time of the first Full Moon is likely not to reach its full climax and resolution until the second Full Moon in June. This doesn’t mean that the importance of this first Full Moon should be overlooked or underestimated: a number of astrological indicators suggests that this is the pivotal turning point, the breakthrough in consciousness that sets up the rest of the story.

When it comes to Sagittarius, the adventure starts within – in the mind, heart and soul. The vision that gets birthed from longings, ideals and thirst for knowledge is what stirs the archer’s restlessness and urge to roam free; there is no sense of direction, or of purpose, without a clear vision, and there can’t be any drive or motivation to get through the toughest of times when life seems but an order of events. A quote that has been commonly, but mistakenly attributed to French Romantic poet, novelist and playwright Victor Hugo reads ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come’ – and it’s the nomadic, inspiring call of that very idea that’s beckoning to us, pushing us out of our comfort zone and into the wide unknown that is Sagittarius’ natural habitat.

For my part, as always, I’ve created a graphic, using a full moon picture I took back in May 2015. Oh, and before you go, don’t miss my free monthly Tarot Reading post – click HERE, pick a card, then scroll to the bottom of the post for your message. Feel free to share it as well. Bright Full Flower Moon Blessings!

Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius

Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius May 21st, 2016 5:14pm EST. Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius. Also called The Dyad Moon or The Hare Moon. Magical workings include – legal matters, publishing, travel, protection, divination, knowledge, money, dreams, high ideals.

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    1. You’re welcome, Lori! One of my main reasons for doing these posts was so I could keep track of it – otherwise it would never make it on my radar either. Hope you have an awesome Full Moon!

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