WW – Dark Virgo Moon and Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow, along with a new month, we get a new moon! The Dark Virgo Moon, to be exact. There is also a partial (annular) solar eclipse happening, but since Central Africa is a bit of a commute, I doubt I’ll be able to catch it in person. If you’re in the same boat, and happen to be awake at 2am EST (6am UTC), head over to Slooth to see the show.

Now, for a little info about Dark Virgo Moon with a side of Solar Eclipse, from someone more well-versed in astrology than myself. From Forever Conscious, a snippet of the article Intuitive Astrology: September New Moon Solar Eclipse 2016 by Tanaaz

The September 1, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is going to open a doorway into the new.

Whatever themes we have been working with this year are finally going to slip away and be birthed into something new.

As the doorway opens, we are all going to catch a glimpse of what is in-store for us from now and until February of next year.

Whatever arises on the New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be paving the way for a new energetic cycle which will carry us through till this time.

This energetic cycle is very different to the one that we experienced earlier this year in March. This cycle is gentler and more revealing. There will be less confusion and stagnation and more clarity and understanding.

All of this however, will come in time. Although the doorway to this new energy will open on September 1, it may be at least a month before we can really fathom where this energy is taking us.

For this reason, September 1 marks the perfect time to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, to tune into the wisdom of all that is around you.

Finally, here’s the graphic I created for the occasion. Bright Dark/New Moon blessings!
Dark Virgo Moon and Solar Eclipse

Dark Virgo Moon and Solar Eclipse. September 1st, 2016 at 5:03pm EST. Virgo is an earth sign, associated with healing and problem solving. A Solar Eclipse (the maximum point occurs at the same time as the Dark / New Moon) supercharges ritual work. It’s a good time for time for spells involving transformation, release, and love. Magical workings include – new beginnings, meditation, planning fitness routines, discarding negative thought patterns, focusing on healthy attitudes, setting up new daily routines. Pictured: Obsidian sphere, representing the dark moon, sitting on a granite stone.

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